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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

What goes into Birch Street Radio's Marvelous Mix?

Here's a pretty average hour of music on Birch Street Radio:

Start with one of our 30 favorite Recent Releases:
* Beach House: All Your Yeahs

Next a blast of the 80s:
* The Cure: Hot! Hot! Hot!

Back to the 21st Century:
* MS MR: Ash Tree Lane

Now we wander off the beaten path:
* James McMurtry: Ain't Got A Place

A way-back trip to the 60s:
* Simon & Garfunkel: Why Don't You Write Me

Photo by Jacob Blickenstaff via Salon.com
A new song from a veteran:
* Joe Jackson: If It Wasn't For You

A pairing of songs we think go together well:
* Camera Obscura: Do It Again
* The Go-Gos: Unforgiven

More jumping around in time:
* Field Mouse: Tomorrow Is Yesterday

Another flashback trip:
* The Band: When I Paint My Masterpiece

A smooth sound from the 80s:
* Bruce Hornsby & The Range: Down the Road Tonight

A 21st Century singer-songwriter:
* Caitlin Canty: Get Up

A classic:
* The Beatles: Michelle

A "deep cut" from the 80s:
* Roger McGuinn: Suddenly Blue

Something really different:
* Afro Celt Sound System: Rise

What ties it all together - all these different styles from different decades? Only that it's all good music, in our opinion. We hope you agree!


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