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Monday, January 25, 2016

Help us build our new home just by tuning in!

With the imminent shutdown of our former host,, we're working hard to make the new version of Birch Street Radio sound even better at its new home on Radionomy. We're adding new music every day and trying to hit just the right balance with our mix of new and old, rock bands and singer-songwriters, and especially, new artists.

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And all YOU have to do is tune in! We need your support to continue - not by giving us money, just by lending us your ears.

Our future depends on building up a sufficient audience to justify our sponsorship at Radionomy. So please listen, early and often! We're sure you'll enjoy the great variety in our Marvelous Mixture of Music.

What's going on with Live365? Here from Radio Survivor is another good article on the shutdown of Live365 and the plight of small webcasters. There's also an article about it at And here's what we wrote earlier this month.

If you have an interest - as a listener or perhaps a musician who benefits from airplay on independent radio stations like ours - we suggest you sign up at which is trying to bring affected parties together for action.

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