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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Bonnie Raitt ready to hit the road again

Bonnie Raitt has been a mainstay of American music for ... well, a long time now, and shows no signs of slacking off. Her upcoming "Dig In Deep" is her twentieth album.

The first single, "Gypsy In Me," is about enjoying an itinerant life - a theme she's touched on before, as in "The Road's My Middle Name" from her 1989's "Nick of Time" album.

And it would seem there's truth behind the words, because she told Billboard Magazine that she's looking forward to a two-year world tour after "Dig In Deep" is released Feb. 26. "Can't wait to hit the road!"

Two official videos of "Gypsy In Me" have been released: A lyric video and a live-in-studio version. Enjoy them both! And hear music from throughout Bonnie Raitt's career on Birch Street Radio.

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