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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Introducing our new 'sister station' - Radio 1999

Tune in Radio 1999
Do you ever just feel like forgetting about the 21st Century? If so, you might like to spend a little time listening to our new sister station, Radio 1999

The Radio 1999 playlist is packed with our favorite rock from the 1960s, 70s, 80s and 90s. It's some of the music that you hear on Birch Street Radio -- but none of that 2000-2016 stuff.

It's what Birch Street Radio would have sounded like just before the turn of the century!

So take a little trip back with Radio 1999 -- the station that caught the Y2K bug and never turned its clock past 12/31/99.

One caution: Radio 1999 is on Radionomy, so there will be station breaks when you might hear (shudder) current commercials.

When you're ready to return to the present day, come on back to (commercial-free!) Birch Street Radio, where new music and classics mix marvelously together!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Indie artists & more in our new music bin

Last week's additions to our New Music bin came mostly from well-known bands. This week we're emphasizing emerging, indie artists.

Night Talks is preparing to release its debut full-length album, and we expect it to bring a lot of attention to this Los Angeles alt-rock band. We've been playing the debut single, "Green," for a while and now we're adding the second release, "Mr. Bloom."

Lead singer and songwriter Soraya Sebghati told LA music blog GrimyGoods that "it’s the only song (on the album) that’s not based in my own reality. The song is based on the main character in the James Joyce novel Ulysses." Expect to hear more intelligent rock/pop when the rest of the album drops.

And speaking of intelligent music, Bryan Hansen Band has just released its latest full-length project, When You Stop Pulling Back.

Guitarist-singer Hansen's clever lyrics are backed by a terrific band blending jazz, pop and R&B influences.

We're putting "One More Blues" into our New Music rotation, and you'll be hearing other tracks from the album, showing off this New Jersey outfit's wide musical range,

Jumping from Jersey to western Canada, we take another taste from Wild Son's self-titled debut album. "Build The Future" Mitch Howanyk's violin gives this rock band its unique sound. Check out "Build the Future" in our new-music spotlight.

Our other new-music adds this week are just a little closer to the mainstream: Texas duo Jamestown Revival's single "Love Is A Burden" and a joyous new release by Australia's Temper Trap, "Alive."

We'd like to know what new music you think we should add to our mix! Comment here or shout out to us on Facebook or Twitter.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Deep thoughts, robot moves & other new music

Our new-music bin is overflowing as September has brought a flood of releases. Here are the latest picks we're featuring this week.

Dawes: The new album title, We're All Gonna Die, might seem flip or jokey -- but actually, Taylor Goldsmith is just telling it as it is. While the band expands its sound on this album, Goldsmith's lyrics continue to explore uncomfortable truths - such as "Why all the people we love/Are the same as we can also hate." That's a line from "Roll With The Punches," now in our top-of-the-hour New Music rotation. Other tracks from the album will be turning up in our playlist as well.

Wilco: Likewise, the band shifts its sound a bit on Schmilco - toward the quiet, acoustic side - while Jeff Tweedy's lyrics get very personal and introspective. One review of this album said "the best way to enjoy it might be a little bit at a time." The latest bit we're spinning is "Cry All Day."

Red Hot Chili Peppers: "Go Robot" could almost be one of those songs designed to start a dance craze -- and who knows if we'll start seeing white-painted dancers turning up in clubs. Check out the video if you haven't yet. The track is a fun little disco-funk trip. "You will find your flow when you go robot."

St. Paul & The Broken Bones: Speaking of finding your flow, this Alabama retro-soul band really comes into its own with its latest album, Sea Of Noise. Our favorite track is "Flow With It (You've Got Me Feeling Like)." Now an eight-piece outfit, the Bones make good use of horns and percussion on this absolutely groovin' number.

Phish: The jam masters have a new album coming soon, Big Boat, and we're spinning the first single, "Breath and Burning." It's a bouncy, breezy number -- that also happens to reflect on mortality (have these guys been hanging out with Dawes?). "What does it matter that the end's in sight," they sing. "We'll dance in the light of the moon."

These are the highlights but we've got other new music working its way into our playlist, so tune in to our sometimes-surprising, always-interesting mix! And sends us comments/suggestions here or on Facebook or Twitter.

Friday, September 16, 2016

We've changed channels. Have you?

It's been six weeks since we launched the "new and improved" version of Birch Street Radio. We hope you're enjoying our 24/7 commercial-free stream.

Birch Street Radio is now transmitted to the world by SoniXcast. We produce the program at Birch Street Studios in Beautiful Downtown Suburbia, and SoniXcast carries it on one of its channels, originating from Montreal, Canada.

All the players and links on this website have been switched to the new channel. In a matter of days, our older stream on Radionomy will sign off for good. (The stream may continue to operate for a while, but it won't be carrying our program.)

So make sure you've updated your links to Birch Street Radio in your media players, mobile apps or web bookmarks!

In addition to the players on this page, you can tune in the SoniXcast stream of Birch Street Radio by:
  • searching for Birch Street Radio in the TuneIn, or Nobex mobile apps
  • searching for Birch Street Radio at,,,
  • searching for Birch Street Radio SX at
  • entering in any media player - including iTunes and the ServeStream app for Android, among others.
We'll be added to more web-radio directories soon.

As always, the easiest way to find us is right here at!

Monday, September 12, 2016

New sounds from classic & emerging artists

"I Can't Stop Thinking About You" is the first single from a new album on its way from Sting called 57th & 9th.

The refrain ends with the line "I don't care if you exist." So is it about searching for an ideal? Or perhaps for an idea - he's been quoted as saying it was inspired by looking at a blank page and waiting for inspiration.

Anyway it's a rocking pop tune from what's billed as Sting's "first rock album in 13 years." And it's now in our New Music rotation.

Mixing new and classic music from classic and new artists - that's what we do on Birch Street Radio. So we've also added "Alaska" by Maggie Rogers.

We won't recount here how this song became a viral internet hit (but you can read about it here). What matters is that it's an infectious fusion of folk and electronic music that holds up to repeated listening.

Just weeks after releasing music for the video game Final Fantasy XV, Florence + the Machine are back with "Wish That You Were Here," a song for the soundtrack of Tim Burton's next movie. The film, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, is based on a young-adult novel by Ransom Riggs. Honestly we're not familiar with either the video game or the novel/movie -- but the music stands on its own, with Florence Welch's powerful voice fronting epic-sounding orchestration by The Machine.

Coming back down to earth, we have a new single by Kings of Leon, "Waste A Moment." It's a catchy driving-down-the-highway-with-the-speakers-turned-up kind of track. The new album Walls is coming next month - and happens to be produced by Markus Dravs, who has also worked with Florence + The Machine.

Besides these additions to our featured New Music bin, we've picked more tracks from the latest albums by Wilco, Rich Robinson and Sara Hartman. And you'll hear us trying out new sounds from other artists, including some intriguing indie bands.

What music do you think we should be checking out? Send us your thoughts on this page, or find us on Facebook or Twitter, or email us. And keep listening!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Dig the Rigs & other new music on Birch St Radio

Catching opening acts is always a good way to discover new bands, and that's how we found The Rondo Rigs, who supported Carsie Blanton on part of her current tour.

The Rigs are a trio consisting of Eric Robertson (Bass, Guitar, Mandolin), Duncan Wickel (Fiddle, Cello, Leslie) and Nicholas Falk (Drums, Banjo, Bass) -- or as they call themselves on stage, Ric, Nick and Wick.

Their music builds on traditions from the Appalachians to New Orleans, mixing country, rock, blues, funk and other styles.

They've just released their debut album, and we've added "Nothing But Love" and "Rachel" to our own Marvelous Mix.

Also joining our New Music rotation this week:
  • Jimmy Eat World is back after a three-year break and will release their new album Integrity Blues next month. We're spinning the single "Sure And Certain."
  • We've said before that Tyler Boone's album True Experience offers a wide variety of sounds, from gentle ballad ("Paper Wings") to hard rocker ("Don't Let Me Down"). Our latest selection is the bluesy "When I Was Young."

And we're excited to debut "Tasteless," the first single from the second album by Bryan Hansen Band, When You Stop Pulling Back.

This New Jersey outfit combines Bryan's singing and songwriting with an excellent jazzy/funky band. He cites Dave Matthews and John Mayer among his influences.

We've been playing "Parallel" and "Summers Mind" from the previous album, Brothers Among Wolves. Check out the new song while we wait for the rest of the new album.

We do our best to keep our Marvelous Mix of Music fresh and interesting, and we sure hope you enjoy it! Please let us know what you think by commenting on this page, by email, or on Facebook or Twitter.