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Hello and welcome to Birch Street Radio!

We're an independent web-radio producer featuring a wide range of rock and "alternative" music from the past five decades - from The Beatles to The Black Keys, Dylan to Dawes.

We enjoy mixing the new and the old, the familiar and the slightly obscure, and we're constantly adding new artists and new songs.

Birch Street Radio began broadcasting in April 2013 on Live365. In January 2016, as Live365 was unfortunately shutting down, we arranged for Radionomy to carry our program on one of its streams. In July 2016 our program began to be carried by SoniXcast on one of its streams, and in September our Radionomy stream was discontinued.

In the shifting landscape of internet radio, our program may switch "channels" from time to time -- but our "Marvelous Mixture of Music" plays on! You can always find players and links to our stream here at birchstreetradio.com

A note about Birch Street Radio and its streaming host: 

Birch Street Radio is a musical entertainment program produced by Birch Street Studios. The program is streamed from Montreal, Canada, by SoniXcast (call sign CSNX-8887) which is responsible for all legal, financial and technical aspects of the broadcast, including the payment of music rights fees.

SoniXCast Canada
1918 Boulevard Saint RĂ©gis Dorval
Montreal, Quebec H9P 1H6, Canada

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