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Saturday, July 2, 2022

What's new: Tedeschi Trucks Band, Roanoke, Pete Yorn, Umphrey's McGee, Stand Up And Say No

Tedeschi Trucks Band: Playing With My Emotions

Here's the lead track from I Am the Moon II - Ascension, the second phase of the magnum opus the Florida-based band is releasing in four installments this summer. Susan Tedeschi, Derek Trucks and their ensemble are known for blending many musical styles, and on this track they lean into vintage Memphis soul, with big contributions from their horn section. The lyrics have a man and woman each complaining that the other is playing games, with Tedeschi singing from both perspectives.

Roanoke: Selene

Speaking of the Moon... This is "a song about the moon goddess, who represents women everywhere," says its lead singer, Taylor Dupis. She and Joey Beesley write, sing and play guitars for this Nashville-based indie band, backed by Richard Bennett (bass), Chris Elvidge (drums) and B.L. Reed (electric guitar). The 70s influence is strong on this track, with shades of "Rhiannon." Dupis says: "We wanted to sonically call back to the music of the 70’s and early 80’s, while also adding some more modern sounds to create something familiar yet nostalgic. Our intention ... was to write something that felt magickal, mystical, powerful, and relatable."

Pete Yorn: Never Go

Dubbed a "roots rock torchbearer" by AllMusic, Yorn has just released his ninth studio album, Hawaii. He worked on it with California musician/producer Jackson Phillips, and says it turned out to be "one of my most favorite projects I’ve ever been a part of." Paste Magazine calls it "one of his most memorable collections ... It’s a deft, dazzling display, revealing a songwriter firing on all inventive six, 20 years into his risk-taking career." 

Umphrey's McGee: Small Strides

Photo credit: Tara Gracer
Although they're renowned on the jam-band circuit, this group that emerged from Indiana in the late '90s gets a lot less attention from radio - present company included. We're looking to remedy that by featuring this track from the new album, Asking for a Friend. Guitarist Brendan Bayliss tells Jambase that the band, best known for its live shows, has been refining its approach to record-making. "When we were starting, we were trying to prove that we could play as many notes as possible and do acrobatic things – not making necessarily the choice that would serve a song. ... Over time, we started to see the studio as the opportunity to develop and craft an actual song ... and the stage is the place to play with it." 

Stand Up and Say No: Tame the Wild

This track landed in our inbox, grabbed our ears and moved quickly to our New Music bin. Then we realized the song originally came out in 2016 - but this is a new mix, and anyhow, it's new to us! "I always felt the original recording never lived up to the live version," says songwriter  Andrew Nault, frontman for the post-punk indie band from Quebec. "Hopefully, people will agree that this new version rocks!”

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