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Saturday, July 9, 2022

Our latest New Music picks are by Metric, Inhaler, Don't Believe in Ghosts, Martin Courtney, Jeen

Metric: What Feels Like Eternity

Photo credit: Alysse Gafkjen
We've been spinning the single "All Comes Crashing," and now with the release of the Toronto bands' eighth album, Formentera, we pick another track to feature in our New Music bin. NME writes that this number "grows in strength, its chorus adopting a tunnel vision approach as [Emily] Haines narrates over zipping guitars: 'Head down / Don’t look up / I grind along.' When chiming guitar melodies burst through towards its end, it feels like a breakthrough; like the battle to get through to better days is almost won."

Inhaler: These Are the Days

The band made a big splash last year with their debut album, It Won't Always Be Like This. Now the Dublin-based quartet of singer-guitarist Eli Hewson, bassist Robert Keating, guitarist Josh Jenkinson and drummer Ryan McMahon are back with a single that joins the current wave of Post-Lockdown Get-Out-And-Have-Fun songs. "These are the days / I don't miss the feeling of being alone ... These days /
I think we're gonna be okay."

Don't Believe in Ghosts: This Is Paradise

This new single comes a bit more than a year after the New York band's first LP, Solutions. “This song is about the mental pitfalls of self-doubt and pushing yourself 'til you finally crack,” says lead singer/producer Steven Nathan. The HotLunchMusic blog calls it "an anthemic track that has an intense energy that is highly sensual while also being very controlled and dark."

Martin Courtney: Sailboat

The second solo album by the lead singer of Real Estate, titled Magic Sign, is filled with reminiscences of growing up in New Jersey - riding his bike, or cruising aimless in a car with friends, or just killing time in vacant lots. Our featured track has The Walkmen’s Matt Barrick on drums and "travels at a brisker pace than we are usually used to from Courtney," writes Far Out Magazine. Courtney himself says: “Lyrically this song is kind of about keeping things in perspective and attempting to stay positive in the face of all of the bullshit. An increasingly difficult task." The song's setting seems to be a vacant house. So where does the title come from? "I just thought ‘Sailboat’ was a funny name.”

Jeen: Mountain

Many new songs reflect the trauma of the pandemic, and on battling through the fear and isolation.  Says this Toronto-based singer: “I wrote ‘Mountain’ in early spring 2021 after spending too much time fixating on the irreparable parts of everything... all while dipping in and out of lockdowns... I started getting panic attacks a lot and just needed to chill out. I guess this track was my attempt to try and keep things in perspective.” 

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