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Saturday, June 25, 2022

KT Tunstall, Sarah Kinsley, The Happy Fits, Headstones, Andrew Leahey in the New Music bin

KT Tunstall: Private Eyes

Due in September, the forthcoming album from this Scottish-born, LA-based artist completes a trilogy. They are said to revolved around three essential parts of ourselves: spirit (Kin, released in 2016), body (Wax, in 2018) and mind: Nut, due in September. (In Scottish slang, that's your head or brain.) We're not sure how this single fits into the theme, but it does grab our ears. Says Tunstall: "The song is about a soulless afterparty for some forgettable event in Soho, London, where a beautiful actress (who I didn’t know personally) grabbed my hand and led me down into the dingy basement kitchen in a panic; she was convinced the paparazzi stalking her outside would be the end of her, and she couldn’t face them. A tragic picture of desire turned into a prison. Beautiful eyes that didn’t want everyone looking into them."

Sarah Kinsley: Cypress

This single, from a new EP of the same name, is our introduction to this "independent bedroom-pop artist" based in New York. We're told she plays, sings and produces her music completely solo. The result is fully realized, multi-layered dream-pop. Cypress, she says, is a set of songs "that I wrote after traveling through California, inspired by the trees, inhaling the summer air, knowing that this place would change me and my music forever."

The Happy Fits: Do Your Worst

Also new to our ears is this indie trio that had its beginnings at a New Jersey high school in 2012. A decade later (and now based in eastern Pennsylvania), they're releasing their third LP, Under the Shade of Green, in August. On this bursting-with-energy single, cellist Calvin Langman proves that his instrument can truly rock, along with Ross Monteith's guitar, Luke Davis's drums, and touches of synths. “We always strive to sound [like] more than a three-piece,” says Monteith, and here they certainly do.

Headstones: Tangled

Formed in Kingston, Ontario, in 1987, the hard-rock/punk band saw gold-record success, along with turmoil and periodic breakups. They reemerge now with what's billed as the first of a batch of new music to be released this year. A press release says of this single: "Hugh Dillion and the band return to their stripped down, punk rock roots with this lament [about] what it’s like to repeat the same mistakes over and over again." It's summed up in the repeated line: "We don’t learn a thing.”

Andrew Leahey and the Homestead: Hot House

We dip back into the new album from this Nashville singer-songwriter-guitarist and his band for another solid piece of guitar rock. AllMusic says American Static Vol. 2 "may be the most satisfying record of their career ... a rangy, musically rich pastiche of heartfelt songcraft and savvy nods to the great rock & roll songbook." 

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