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Saturday, July 30, 2022

New: The Lone Bellow, The Churchhill Garden, Sally Dige, Michigander, The Wombats

The Lone Bellow: Gold

The Nashville trio is out with its first new music since 2020's Half Moon Light. The song addresses the opioid crisis in small-town USA, using prospectors' hunt for riches as a metaphor: "It’s in my blood, it’s in the water / It’s calling me still / I could leave, I know I oughta / But there’s gold in them hills." Says guitarist Brian Elmquist: "The idea was to tell the story from the perspective of someone in a hard situation - in this case, a guy who’s stuck in the downward spiral of addiction. We’ve sung ‘Gold’ as a folk song in the past, but for the recording we wanted to really experiment and push our sound as far as it could go.”

The Churchhill Garden: Always There

The latest single from Switzerland's Andy Jossi and American Krissy Vanderwoude is a beautiful piece of dream-pop. The duo shared it with us along with a note that describes it as "a sweet song about true friendship and the gratitude and reassurance that comes along with finding those loyal friends in life."

Sally Dige: You

Here's the second single released this year by this independent solo artist, following "I Will Be The Sun for You," which we featured a couple of months ago. Born in Canada and now based in Berlin, Dige writes, plays and records her own music. The lyric, she says, arose from thinking about "past relationships in our lives - ones that were significant during a part of our own history, but no longer are present in our current lives. We are left only with the memory and reflection."

Michigander: Stay Out Of It

Michigander is the project of songwriter-singer-guitarist Jason Singer from, er, guess which US state. He started self-releasing music in 2014, formed a band that released its first EP in 2018, then signed with C3 records and released another EP in 2019. This new single is described as a co-write with Danen Reed Rector and Singer's bandmates Aaron Senor and Jake LeMond. Singer describes it as "a song about speaking up and saying how you feel even when sometimes it’s best to keep quiet.”

The Wombats: This Car Drives All By Itself

The band told DIY Magazine that this song is "kind of a metaphor for 'maybe we’re not as in control of our lives as we think we are,' and time and entropy are pretty f---ing powerful things." The veteran Liverpool indie-rockers released their latest album, Fix Yourself, Not The World, back in January, but just spun out this track as a single, and we're using that as an excuse to put it in our New Music Bin.

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