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Saturday, July 16, 2022

The Latest: Dawes, Kiwi Jr., Sorcha Richardson, Superorganism, The Black Keys

Dawes: Ghost in the Machine

Screencap from official video
The latest single ahead of Misadventures of Doomscroller is a six-minute sprint, mostly recorded in one live take (with two drum kits) and then embellished with some extra keyboard and still more percussion. The lyrics, according to the group, "are about the early days of a band. Playing small clubs and going on small tours. As hard as it is in the moment, it’s hard not to look back at those times through rose colored glasses. It’s all a lot more romantic now. And it’s also what built our foundational faith in what we do." They add that the propulsive song "feels like it's gonna be a mainstay in the live show for a long time to come."

Kiwi Jr.: Unspeakable Things

Following up "Night Vision," which we featured in May, the Toronto group spins out another single from its upcoming third album, Chopper. On this upbeat, synth-y track, Jeremy Gaudet sings about the losing battle for privacy in our webbed world: "Everything that you've done / Laid out here one by one / Caught on tape and compiled." Says Gaudet: “People are always trying to sign into my email. What do they think they’re gonna find? The public appetite for dirty laundry is wild. Having moved the world online has not helped."

Sorcha Richardson: Shark Eyes

The Irish singer-songwriter's second album, Smiling Like An Idiot, is coming in September. We previously featured the first single, "Archie," and now we're adding the follow-up to our New Music bin. It gets off to a quiet start and gradually builds up with layers of keys, drums and reverbed vocals. It's a song "about being totally infatuated with someone who you know isn’t as interested in you as you are in them. ... I think I wrote it as a way of admitting to myself that that relationship would never be anything more than it already was, but I wanted it to still have the sweetness of a love song."

Superorganism: On & On

Photo Credit: Jack Bridgland
This London-based group is out with its second album, some four years after its self-titled debut. It's called Worldwide Pop, which seems less pretentious given that the band members and guest musicians hail from the UK, New Zealand, the USA, France and Japan. The song is a bouncy bit of pop that reminds us just a bit of Rubblebucket. The lyric "is a bit of an analogy between the ground-hog day effect touring can have, and the cyclical nature of growing as a person and repeating the same mistakes along the way,” says Harry, the stage name of founding member Christopher Young.

The Black Keys: It Ain't Over

Here's another slice from the Keys' upcoming 11th studio album, Dropout Boogie. The duo of Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney is completing its 20th year, and that "blows my mind," Auerbach said in an interview with Rolling Stone. “The odds were so stacked against us. I can’t imagine if this was a five-person band. That would have been insanity. We’re so lucky it’s just the two of us.” But they brought in various collaborators for the new album. "We approach every record as if it were a full band, I guess,” said Carney said. "A band that’s a duo, like Steely Dan or whatever.”

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