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Sunday, July 31, 2016

We're building a better Birch Street Radio

We're creating a new, improved, commercial-free version of Birch Street Radio.

Our "marvelous mix of music" is preparing to move to a new internet stream. You might say we're changing channels -- like when a TV series moves from one network to another.

On our new stream, we'll continue playing new & classic music by bands & singer-songwriters from the '60s to today -- and more music, because we won't have to take station breaks to allow for advertisements.

We'll make the switch gradually, At the moment, we're simulcasting the same program on both channels. The new one is available on TuneIn, Radio.netRadioforest, and certain other sites, as well as the mobile apps from TuneIn, and Nobex. The original stream continues on Radionomy,com and certain other sites. Both can be found on by searching for Birch Street Radio.

Once we're sure things are working well, we will split the programming. The new stream will drop the station breaks. The older stream will keep running for a while, but with a smaller playlist and commercial breaks. If you're listening to the older stream, you'll hear announcements asking you to come to this website and connect to the new stream. Eventually the older stream will be discontinued.

The internet-broadcasting landscape has been going through a lot of change lately, and there's always a chance we'll have to make further moves or changes in the future. But we plan to do whatever's best to keep the music playing -- and we hope you'll continue listening to Birch Street Radio.

Remember, you can always find the latest links & players here at

Image: RCA Victor inspector tests frequency alignment of a radio at factory in Camden, N.J., circa 1936. Source: National Archives.

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