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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Vim, Vigor, Emotions, Math, Youth & More!

Our new-music adds this week include brand-new tracks from Carsie Blanton, Local Natives and Tyler Boone, as well as additional tracks from recent albums by Margaret Glaspy and Band of Horses.

Carsie Blanton's second release from her upcoming So Ferocious album - "Vim & Vigor" - is an unabashed celebration of female libido. The video takes on the women-objectifying cliches of so many music vids and flips them on their butts, so to speak. Near-naked babes fawning over the singer? Sure, just substitute hunks. Gender politics aside, the song is just a lot of fun.

We've been playing Tyler Boone's "Paper Wings," a delicate end-of-an-affair song. It was the teaser for his latest five-song EP, True Experience, which came out a few days ago. We're jumping on its first track, "Don't Let Me Down," which has a much different, rocking sound that shows off this Nashville-based musician's range. 

Also added to our New Music bin:
  • The title track from Margaret Glaspy's full-length debut, "Emotions and Math" 
  • "Fountain of Youth," the latest single to emerge from Local Natives' upcoming Sunlit Youth album
  • And we've picked up two more cuts from Why Are You OK? by Band of Horses: "In A Drawer" and "Solemn Oath."

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