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Saturday, July 9, 2016

This is the song for this moment in the USA

Switchfoot's latest album was officially released July 8 - and it contains a song that might as well have been written that very day.

Coming at the end of a very distressing week in the United States, "Looking For America" is as timely as a song could possibly be. A sampling of the lyrics:
I'm looking for the place that I was born/I'm looking for a way to fix what's torn/I'm looking for America ... 
I want to see a nation rise above the fear and fight that haunts these streets tonight ...
Headlines that I can't believe in/But I'm still holding on to hope/I'm looking for a miracle/I'm looking for America.
The track features hip-hop artist Lecrae. Both Switchfoot and Lecrae have been described as Christian artists, but shouldn't be pigeonholed as religious-music performers. It's more accurate to say they are musicians who aren't afraid to let their attitudes and beliefs come through in their music.

Here they share their belief in what America can be - and the changes that are needed to get there.

You'll be hearing "Looking For America" in our New Music rotation.

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