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Friday, March 18, 2016

New ingredients added to our Marvelous Mix

Oh Wonder
We're constantly adding more music to our big mix - and that doesn't always mean new music. We're also adding, bit by bit, to our library of "classics." For example, we just beefed up our Jimi Hendrix collection.

As for our New Music Bin, in recent days we added another track from Pete Yorn's recent release, Arranging Time: "In Your Head."

And something from Oh Wonder, a London duo whose debut, self-titled album was released in September. "Lose It" is the song - a slow swinging number. With hand claps and finger snaps.

We've also picked up a track from a new album by Gathering Time, a trio from the New York area who recreate the folk and folk-rock sound of the 1960s. The album is Keepsake and our current pick is "Broken Chain," featuring the wonderful voice of Hillary Foxsong. We were already playing a couple of songs from their previous release, When One Door Closes...

So yeah we're a Classic Rock station. And a New Rock station. And a Brit Alt-Pop station. And a Retro Folk station. And more! We hope you enjoy our unique blend of AlternaIndieFolkProgAmeriClassicRock!

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