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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Artists we play: Scott Krokoff

Our latest discovery is a singer-songwriter from Queens, N.Y., who fits somewhere in the folk-rock/Americana part of the music spectrum.

Scott Krokoff self-released his third recording last fall, and we came across it just days ago. It's called "Realizations & Declarations, Vol. 2." Yes, there was a Vol. 1, and they're conceived as EPs leading to an eventual LP.

But it doesn't sound like a work in progress. It's a polished package, with Scott's vocals and guitar backed by Steve Holley (formerly of Wings) on drums, Paul Errico (who's worked with Steve Forbert) on keyboards and Bob Stander on bass and electric guitar. Stander, a studio veteran, is the producer.

Scott writes personal but very accessible lyrics and packages them with a sound that reminds us of The Wallflowers and The Jayhawks, among others. Our favorites from the new disc - which you'll be hearing in the mix on Birch Street Radio - are "The Right Place," "Because of You," "Walter Mitty" and the clever "I Got Nothing."

Footnote: Although their sounds are very different, Scott shares something with another of the indie artists we play: Gary Douglas. Both are New Yorkers who have made their living as attorneys but refused to give up on their passion for music!

1 comment:

  1. Scott Krokoff is an awesome songwriter and singer. All I can wish for Scott, is that his talents are further discovered and his musical talent reaching everyone worldwide.