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Saturday, June 3, 2023

This Week's New Music: The Revivalists, Bully, Great Lake Swimmers, Hannah Georgas, Wye Oak

The Revivalists: Don't Look Back

The New Orleans band's fifth LP, Pour It Out Into The Night, is billed as "a life-affirming album ... a celebration of resilience, living for who you are and what you’re about." Americana Highways writes: "The 8-piece band navigates soulful alt-rock waters with a distinctive mix of American classic rock styles. ... The Revivalists are chefs in a world-class kitchen."

Bully: Days Move Slow

On her new album, Lucky for You, Bandcamp writes that Alicia Bognanno "hasn’t strayed from her stable of ‘90s grunge influences, but this time she’s colored in the gaps with a certain pop-punk pizzazz, particularly on songs like 'Days Move Slow.' She’s achieved a sense of restraint with the [vocal] rasp that has become something of her trademark."

Great Lake Swimmers: Uncertain Country

This is the title track from the Toronto-area group's latest album, its first in five years and its ninth over its two-decade career. Songwriter Tony Dekker and his band continue to expand on their atmospheric folk sounds, venturing into fuzzy alt-rock territory here. The press release for the album explains that the title refers to "a territory we, as humans, inhabit in the 21st century - a world that, more often than not, is confusing, unfamiliar and unsettling."

Hannah Georgas: Better Somehow

Here's the lead single from I’d Be Lying If I Said I Didn’t Care, due in August. For this album, Georgas took on the role of lead producer, with the aid of her partner Sean Sroka of Ten Kills The Pack as co-producer. “This record is a big step for me from a creative standpoint and it feels like a true representation of where my writing and head is at,” says Georgas. This song "is ultimately about how much better I think we’d all be if we just communicated exactly what we were feeling or what we were going through."

Wye Oak: Every Day Like the Last

Photo by Graham Tolbert
As many bands are doing these days, the duo of Jenn Wasner and Andy Stack is shifting from releasing "album-length groups of songs" to putting out singles and later collecting them in packages. So the nine-track release due later this month consists of six songs released over the past few years plus three new tracks, including this one. The title, says Wasner, "could mean every day like the day that came before, or it could mean every day like the last day that you get. Both meanings apply. But for me, trying to live inside of the uncertainty is the theme."

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