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Saturday, June 10, 2023

Our New-Music picks: Night Talks, Night Flight, Peter Gabriel, Driven Snow, Dizzy

Night Talks: Roll On

Three years later, songs about pandemic lockdown continue to emerge. "We wanted to capture the feeling of what it literally feels like to be stuck inside your apartment, unable to do much of anything," says Soraya Sebghati, the singer in this LA trio that's been turning out indie-pop gems for some seven years. “The only thing we could do was work on writing songs and other small projects, and that’s exactly what this song came out of."

Night Flight: Imogen

It's just a coincidence that we're featuring bands called Night Talks and Night Flight in the same week. But we happened to come across this recent single and it grabbed our ears. This London-based quartet describes its music as "dreamy, experimental indie-folk." Mixes well with: Real Estate, Grizzly Bear.

Peter Gabriel: Road to Joy

The strategy of releasing an album one track per month is working well for Gabriel's I/O, giving each song a chance to stand out. This is the sixth song and the third to land in our New Music bin. It features backing vocals by the Soweto Gospel Choir. "I’m working on a project which is partly a story focused around the brain and how we perceive things and this song connects to that," says Gabriel. "It deals with near-death experience ... [I]t’s a lyric about coming back into your senses, back to life, back into the world."

Driven Snow: In Moonlight

This is the fourth single from the Irish duo of Kieran McGuinness (guitars, vocals, synths) and Emily Aylmer (vocals, keys). Challenged by their producer to "to come up with something more upbeat and different" from their previous releases, they made this jaunty song about "the difficulty of being a musician in the city,” given high rent and cost of living. "You can dance while being melancholic, like all decent songs."

Dizzy: Close

The latest single from the upcoming self-titled album by Kate Munshaw and company opens with an anecdote about a difficult yet happy day on tour, then shifts into a lament about a relationship that may have run its course: "But if you gotta go, go / We can blame it on timing / I will leave the light on in the hall."

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