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Saturday, June 24, 2023

New sounds from Jenn Grant, Thompson Springs, Creamery Station, Patrick Bamburak, Beach House

Jenn Grant: Lion's Mane feat. Kevin Drew

Each of the 12 tracks on the Nova Scotia-based singer's new album, Champagne Problems, is a collaboration with one or two other Canadian artists. Here she's joined by Kevin Drew of Broken Social Scene on a song about her relationship with her father. Grant credits Drew with “getting me to dig deeper. ...Kevin really opened up that part of me that made me feel like it was valuable.”

Thompson Springs: All I Wanna Do

Following last year's Homefield album, this Chicago indie band has released a couple of singles, suggesting another album of their laid-back, country-tinged rock may be in the works. 

Creamery Station: Story to Tell

Here's the title track from the newly released third album by this multi-generational jam band from Connecticut. The song has been in their repertoire for some time, and was issued as a single last year, but with the LP release we're deeming it new enough to be featured in our New Music bin.

Patrick Bamburak: What Other Reason

This veteran New York-area recording artist and producer covers a 35-year-old track from 80s pop band Johnny Hates Jazz. “I’ve been a huge fan of JHJ, of Clark Datchler and Mike Nocito, since I got the Turn Back the Clock album, on cassette no less, when it was first released in 1988," Bamburak says, adding that this "has been my favorite JHJ track from the moment I heard it - it’s the hidden gem on that perfectly crafted album.”

Beach House: Black Magic

Photo by David Belisle
Following last year's releas of their 18-track album Once Twice Melody, Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally recently issued an EP with five more songs from the same recording sessions. "We didn’t think they fit in the world of OTM, but later realized they all fit in a little world of their own," the duo say. "To us, they are all kind of scuzzy and spacious, and live in the spirit realm. It’s not really where we are currently going, but it’s definitely somewhere we have been."

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