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Saturday, November 5, 2022

New from Autopilot, RHCP, The Lone Bellow, Secret Treehouse, So Much 4 Gravity

Autopilot: Feverish Dreams

This Saskatoon-based trio emerged from its pandemic hiatus this summer with a hard-edged cover of The Cure's "In Between Days." Now they're back with this energetic original track. The band says it "was written at a time of loss -- saying goodbye for the last time. The driving instrumental came from the emotion of sorting through everything left behind." Review site Mendowerks calls it "an accessible uptempo alt-rock jam. The opening drum grooves are reminiscent of The Strokes while we can hear hints of Arctic Monkeys and Interpol throughout."

Red Hot Chili Peppers: The Drummer

At a time when many artists release music one track at a time, this band has chosen to put out two super-sized albums in the same year. Pepper Chad Smith told U.K.'s RadioX that Return of the Dream Canteen is "another 17-song album from the quarantine year 2021. ... We just made all these songs and we wanted to put them all out because we loved them." This cut is a bit more melodic and less frantic than the advance single "Tippa My Tongue."

The Lone Bellow: Caught Me Thinkin'

This track from the new album Love Songs for Losers "nods to vintage R&B and gospel à la the Band," writes "It offers strutting horns, pumping pianos, seamless, resonant vocal harmonies, and a searing lyric that speaks to the painful memories associated with lost love."

Secret Treehouse: Lovers In The Streets

We've featured this group from Bergen, Norway, numerous times over the past several years, and with each release they catch our ears again. The band says this is a song about rekindled romance -- "about the feeling of rediscovered love in a relationship and the feeling of being free wandering the streets together."

So Much 4 Gravity: I Know A Place

This track comes to us from Mechelen, Belgium. After playing with several bands in the U.K. and Belgium, snger-songwriter-guitarist Wouter Vlaminckx started this group in 2019, featuring his sister Veerle Vlaminckx on vocals. They're joined by Frank Willems (bass), Jelle Ghys (keyboards), Joris Compeers (violin) and Stat De Waal (drums). They say this song "translates a feeling of alienation into a somewhat dreamy story of someone looking for a place to feel at home."

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