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Sunday, November 27, 2022

Sunny War, Scott Krokoff, Bruce Springsteen, Emperor of Ice Cream, Lily Monaghan: New Music

Sunny War: No Reason

Photo by Joshua Black Wilkins
This Nashville artist with a background in the LA punk scene recently signed with New West Records, which will release her latest album, Anarchist Gospel, early next year. The collection, and this first single, draw on her battles with what she describes as her self-destructive side. “You’re an angel / you’re a demon / ain’t got no rhyme / ain’t got no reason.” WXPN radio calls of this track "a twangy country road song powered by the momentum of Sunny’s guitar, which has as much personality and presence as her rough-hewn voice."

Bruce Springsteen: Turn Back the Hands of Time

As Paste Magazine writes, "It’s easy to be skeptical: Here comes the rock ’n‘ roll avatar of the working class, wrapping himself in nostalgia for the music of his, er, glory days, blah blah blah. ... [But this} is no mawkish tribute album ... Springsteen sings here with self-assured power. ... the guy can flat-out sing." The album is a co-production with Ron Aniello, who plays many of the instruments and, says AllMusic, "expertly re-creates the sounds of Motown, Philadelphia International, Stax, and Chicago's uptown soul." This song was a hit single in 1970 for R&B singer Tyrone Davis. 

Scott Krokoff: Almost There

Our regular listeners know we've long been fans of this New York singer-songwriter, who writes very personal, relatable songs with catchy tunes. Here he's singing about the frustrations of trying to make it in the music biz, but the lyric can apply to any endeavor: "Like the skier in the slalom who missed the final gate ... Like the swimmer in the last lap who touched the wall too late / I'm almost there yet never quite."

Emperor of Ice Cream: Winter Pages

We recently featured "I See You Everywhere" by this band from Cork, Ireland, and now comes another single that's seasonably cool (sorry). UK website Click Roll Boom says it "features raw, honest vocals, understated drums and sparkling riffs. It's both grand and low key. There's elegance, confidence and epicness while retaining a beautifully underproduced sound." No word yet on whether the two singles indicate another LP will soon follow last year's No Sound Ever Dies.

Lily Monaghan: On Hold

This Edmonton-based singer-songwriter's debut EP, Introspection, is expected early in the new year. She says this song "was written during a time when I felt as if I was being placed on the back burner and being used as a backup plan." We were struck by this metaphoric description of two people heading in opposite directions in a relationship: "Just as I begin to tattoo your skin / You're wishing you could wash me off."

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