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Saturday, June 11, 2022

Brandi and the Alexanders + Jimmy Eats World + The Heavy Heavy + Lost Leaders + The Empty Pockets = New Music Variety

Brandi and the Alexanders: Fire

This new single is our introduction to Brandi Thompson and her band, a five-piece outfit based in Brooklyn with a sound that fits well with the likes of Seratones and The Suffers. We're told they began as a classic-soul cover band before developing original material for their 2018 debut album, How Do You Like It? Their next album is in the works, and this single is the first taste. Thompson says she wrote the song in 2020 as "a second Civil Rights Movement overwhelmed the United States." She adds: "I'm proud to be a product of my ancestors who survived generation after generation; their strength is my strength, and I wrote this song to honor them."

Jimmy Eat World: Something Loud

Photo by Jimi Giannatti
Back to being an unsigned band, the veteran emo-pop group from Arizona self-released this single, its first new music since its 10th album, 2019's Surviving. It was produced with Justin Meldal-Johnsen, who also worked on the band's last two albums, reports Brooklyn Vegan. The blog says: "Between the revved-up punky power pop and Jim Adkins asking 'Do you still feel part of something loud?,' this one really scratches the nostalgia itch." Indeed, reflecting on younger days is the song's theme. Adkins says: "Maybe the thing age and experience do reveal is that pivotal moments are hard to grasp when you are in them.”

The Heavy Heavy: Miles and Miles

This is the debut single by the Brighton, U.K.-based band led by Will Turner and Georgie Fuller. It leads off their first EP, Life and Life Only. (They seem to have a thing for repeating words.) Turner and Fuller largely self-produced the set in a London flat, but they've put together a five-piece band for a U.S. tour in September. Their music is billed as bringing "new energy into sounds from decades ago," including rock 'n' roll, psychedelic blues, acid rock and sunshine pop.

Lost Leaders: Foolish Heart

When we featured the single "Long Way Down" a couple of months ago, we didn't know if it was a foretaste of a new album. Now comes this new track and word that an EP, Jealous Sun, is coming next month from the project of Lumineers bassist Byron Isaacs and songwriter-guitarist Peter Cole. Says Isaacs: “Foolish Heart is about inner turmoil and not knowing how to proceed in a relationship. Specifically, for me, it is about the frustrations of parenting.” 

The Empty Pockets: Outside Spectrum

This Chicago band says it "celebrates old-school classic rock, folk, and the blues," blending them into "bold Americana flavors straight from the soul." The quartet, led by vocalist Erika Brett and guitarist Josh Solomon, will release its fourth studio album, Outside Spectrum, in August. This title track, the group says, "is about breaking out of the routines and perspectives that dominate your life and looking at the world in full color, where before it was just black and white."

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