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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Rootsy rock from a New York lawyer? Why not?

We're not exactly the first to discover The Gary Douglas Band, and we're sure many more will be catching up soon.

This is rootsy American rock 'n' roll from deep in the heart of ... New York. Douglas grew up in Brooklyn and suburban Long Island. After playing in bands through college and beyond, he made a career as a lawyer. But a few years back he picked up his guitar again and decided to switch paths. He wrote songs, put together a band and began playing at clubs and festivals.

Keepin' Faith, the full-length album released last fall, captures the band's energy and its classic-rock-meets-Americana sound. You'll be hearing the single "To Be With You" and other tracks on Birch Street Radio.

Our Marvelous Mix of Music brings together both classic rock bands and new artists. Which category does The Gary Douglas Band fit into? Both!

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