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Saturday, May 25, 2024

Lenny Kravitz, La Luz, Night Talks, Cabin Beat and The Blue Herons added to our New Music bin

Lenny Kravitz: Bundle of Joy

The AP calls the new LP Blue Electric Light "the rocker’s best stuff in years, offering a welcome blast of funk in 2024. There’s joy and swagger in almost every track." Don't let the title of this track fool you -  He's not singing about a baby, at least not in the sense of an infant: "We venture out and we play at night / We come back home, we play inside."

La Luz: News of the Universe

Here's the title track from the band's fifth album - its first on SubPop, and its last with contributions from keyboardist Alice Sandahl and bassist Lena Simon (bass), leaving frontwoman Shana Cleveland as the remaining founding member. Clash calls it "a darkly sweet record, inspired by some heavy themes – cancer, death, motherhood – but delivered with a newfound confidence.' 

Night Talks: Applause

Frontwoman Soraya Sebghati said in a post that this song is about failing to reach high expectations you had as a child. "One day you wake up and you're 30 - you officially never became the wunderkind you always thought you'd be." But as she sings mid-way through the track: "At least I'm still having fun."

Cabin Beat: Smoking Gun

This is the debut single by a trio from Selby, North Yorkshire, UK. Despite the title, the song doesn't seem to refer to shooting; in fact, we're not sure what it's about, with lines about being on a holiday and waiting another day, but it's a fun piece of indie rock.

The Blue Herons: Clouds

Andy Jossi in Switzerland and Gretchen DeVault in the U.S., each members of other bands, began a trans-Atlantic collaboration in 2020, creating a dreamy blend of jangle pop. Their new album, Go On, is a compilation of the singles they released over the past few years, along with this new track.

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