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Saturday, May 4, 2024

Iron and Wine + The Lemon Twigs + La Luz + Church of Trees + Late Night Trouble = Variety!

Iron and Wine: Sweet Talk

For Sam Beam, the Covid pandemic proved an obstacle to songwriting rather than a source of material. The result was a six-year gap between 2017's Best Epic and his new album of original Iron & Wine music, Light Verse. "Perhaps because of the time lag, the songs ... [have] a more positive tone, focusing on acceptance, the need for human connection, and even joy," writes AllMusic, which calls it "one of the most enjoyable, varied, and well-crafted of the band's records." 

The Lemon Twigs: How Can I Love Her More?

Brothers Brian and Michael D'Addario, known for music that sounds like it came through a time warp from the late 60s-early 70s, are out with their fifth studio album, A Dream Is All We Know. Michael says that on this track, "we tried to bridge the gap between professional Brill Building writing and the more off the wall writing style of the post Sgt. Pepper psychedelic scene. There are a lot of musical ideas but it’s still a catchy pop song. We had a lot of fun with the recording of this one, overdubbing two drum sets, some theremin, and strings and horns (all played by Brian)."

La Luz: Strange World

This Seattle band is bringing out its fifth album, News of the Universe, this month. Discussing this song, band leader Shana Cleveland says: "The best advice a friend gave me during a time when I was feeling particularly overwhelmed and battling consecutive panic attacks was to go outside, take my shoes off, and sit with my feet on the earth. This seemed to slow the universe down in a way that made it feel easier to handle. So this chorus is something of a mantra to myself ‘we’ll be fine, just take your time.’"

Church of Trees: Where Is Love

We recently caught up with this Canadian band's latest LP, Transience, released in February, and dropped "That's All" into our New Music bin last month. The album incorporates many styles of synth-pop, incorporating strains of rock, pop and dance. We're dipping in again for this track with its late-disco-era echoes.

Late Night Trouble: Pretty Little Thing

This flat-out rocker is from another Canadian band's album that's been out for a few months but just reached our ears, thanks to a video release for this single. Lead singer Roxanne and her bandmates are about to start an eight-city U.S. tour behind the album, Candyland.

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