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Saturday, November 11, 2023

New Music: Gaslight Anthem, Sam Roberts Band, Aurora, Cloud Nothings, Crack The Sky

Gaslight Anthem: Little Fires

The new album History Books is the New Jersey-based band's sixth LP and its first in nine years. Frontman Brian Fallon says this track is "an empowerment song, about refusing to play along with the kind of people who always seem to be throwing a grenade into the room for no particular reason." Previously added to our big mix: advance singles "History Books" and "Positive Charge." 

Sam Roberts Band: Afterlife

With the release of The Adventures of Ben Blank, we're highlighting this track with a misleading title. Rather than a meditation on the eternal, the lyric insists on getting everything we can out of life on earth: "I'm gonna get my kicks on this side of the Styx."

Aurora: Your Blood

Photo by Wanda Martin
The Norwegian artist's new single, writes NME, "sees her deliver some cathartic vocals alongside some synth-infused instrumentals."

Cloud Nothings: Final Summer

Photo by Chad Butler
The Cleveland trio's new single, says lead singer/guitarist Dylan Baldi, is about “reconciling past versions of myself with the self I see when I look in the mirror every morning."

Crack The Sky: Going Downtown

On their 20th LP, From The Wood, the veteran prog-rock band sets aside its electric guitars and synths in favor of mostly-acoustic instrumentation. Most of its ten songs are rather dark ruminations by lead singer-songwriter John Palumbo, but our pick for the New Music Bin is a fun, bluesy shuffle.

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