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Saturday, November 18, 2023

New indie music by San Fermin, Vanishing Shores, Adult Leisure, Krooked Kings, Orwells '84

San Fermin: Didn't Want You To

The Brooklyn group will release its fifth studio album, Arms, in February. Claire Wellin takes the lead vocal on this single. Composer-songwriter-band-leader Ellis Ludwig-Leone says “I had this feeling after going through a breakup, like, ‘well screw you, if you don’t want to be with me, I don’t want to be with you,’ which turns out to be a pretty universal feeling. The wordplay was fun, messing around with different inflections of the refrain to hint at different meanings.” It reminds us of the 10,000 Maniacs song "I Don't Want You Too" - so of course we'll have to segue them now and then. 

Photo by Alex S K Brown

Vanishing Shores: Traffic Patterns

The Cleveland band led by Kevin Bianchi has slipped out another single, its fourth this year. We presume they'll be collected in the album Possible Light, but we don't have a release date on that yet. This song's lyric suggests to us a road trip during which the narrator recognizes the signs of impending breakup: "I remember you in Mojave / The heat burning through our clothes / You were speaking of a distant future / I felt the hum of closing doors."

Adult Leisure: Bad Idea

Last month we featured the single "All For You," and now we pick up another track from Present State of Joy and Grief, the sophomore EP from this indie band out of Bristol, UK. Full disclosure: This song hit British airwaves last summer, but we're invoking the rule that if it's new to us, it can go in our New Music bin.

Krooked Kings: Headhunters

This band got its start in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 2019 and has been developing its style of "heartfelt indie-rock music." We're not sure what to make of the claim that their influences include The Strokes and Bon Iver - neither is evident on this track, but it's a catchy little number.  

Orwells '84: Are We Brothers?

This indie-folk group out of Dundalk, Ireland, released their debut EP, Truth Is The First Victim, in 2019 - after which their recording plans were interrupted by the pandemic. Once they were able to get back to studio work, they had a couple dozen new songs to work with, and the result was a 14-track debut LP. We seem to have missed its release earlier this year, but they brought it to our attention by breaking out this track as a single.

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