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Saturday, September 3, 2022

Fresh tracks from Dentist, The Northwest, Σtella, Bret McKenzie, Thompson Springs

Dentist: Check the Calendar

The New Jersey shore-area trio of Emily Bornemann (vocals, bass), Justin Bornemann (guitar) and Matt Hockenjos (drums) has just released its latest album, Making A Scene. Over the past 18 months, we've featured three singles that are now part of this collection (Don't Let Me Catch You, Let Me Let Go, Spilled Coffee). A review at ThePunkSite calls the LP "easily this trio’s most accomplished, catchy and engaging album to date, with surf-inspired guitar lines, emotive vocals and pounding drums."

The Northwest: Shoreline

From northwest of Toronto comes this five-piece band and this single from its latest LP, All In. The album title comes from this opening song and its refrain, "And if this world ends tonight / I'm All in." Says guitarist-vocalist Wayne Watkins: "It’s a song about commitment to a cause and banding together to make it through a difficult time and place – It may end but we are going all in to fight another day.”

Σtella: Up and Away

This Athens-based painter, visual artist and performer teams up with UK producer Tom 'Redinho' Calvert on her new album, Up and Away, creating a blend of vintage Greek music and modern pop. That's "modern" as in the past 60 years or so - the title track has a 60s-Motown influence while featuring bouzouki. 

Bret McKenzie: If You Wanna Go

After years in the comedic musical duo Flight of the Conchords and a career writing music for Muppets movies and other films, McKenzie shifts gears on his solo album, Songs Without Jokes. "To try and not be funny was a curious songwriting challenge,” McKenzie told The Guardian from his home studio in Wellington, New Zealand. He cites Randy Newman and Harry Nilsson as influences, and we hear some hints of Billy Joel on this track.

Thompson Springs: Time Goes Through Me

This Chicago indie-folk-rock band's latest album, Homeland, emerged in digital form in the spring, but it has just been released on CD - prompting us to give it another listen, and pull out this track for our New Music bin. It's a laid-back, yet catchy, meditation on fleeting hours: "Time goes through me / Always in a hurry / Can't you feel it scurry?"

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