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Saturday, September 24, 2022

Arkells, Justin Saladino Band, Screens 4 Eyes, Hannah Jadagu, Van Go Go in the New Music bin

Arkells, Wesley Schultz, Jake Clemons: Nowhere To Go

One year after Blink Once, the Ontario-based rockers just released Blink Twice, featuring collaborations with other artists on six of its ten tracks. In this case, says frontman Max Kerman, the band called on Wesley Schultz of the Lumineers, after they had met on tour and bonded over shared musical faves, including Bruce Springsteen. Schultz "recorded his part at home in Denver and added a narrative and sense of imagery that is so distinctly him," says Kerman. As they tried to work out an instrumental section of the song, "we decided to go right to the source and reach out to Jake Clemons of the E Street Band. And boy did he deliver."

Justin Saladino Band: Blind Faith

We recently featured lead single "Sink or Swim," and now with the release of the Honest Lies album we're pulling out this cut that starts with a funky bass line and gradually builds to a climax, with Saladino's blazing electric guitar coming to the fore. The album title is the central theme connecting the songs, the guitarist and songwriter says: "It’s about the stories we tell ourselves. It’s not necessarily about straight-up dishonesty but the idea that we brainwash ourselves, consciously or unconsciously, into believing we are being truthful when we are being insincere on a fundamental level with ourselves."

Screens 4 Eyes: The Deal

This is the title song from the newest EP by Yael Brener's Tel Aviv-based dream-pop project, which we have featured several times in the past five-years-plus. The track features layered, smoky vocals, nervous percussion, and a lyric that suggests a romantic triangle leading to a compromise: "Now the deal's been made you can't go back / It will expand your mind / But it will shrink your soul."

Hannah Jadagu: Say It Now

Following her debut EP, last year's What Is Going On?, the 20-year-old is said to be working on her first full-length for release next year. Meantime comes this single, which she describes as "my sort of inner reflection on where things have gone wrong in my past interactions and relationships with other people. Sonically and lyrically, I feel as though this song signifies me venturing into a new world that is even more intense and vulnerable.”

Van Go Go: Get Up To You

Here's the latest single from this emerging rock band from Michigan, following "Watch It Burn," which we featured six months ago. "We really wanted to explore a new-wave retro sound with this recording," the band says. "We feel like we are finding a new sound within an old sound by challenging ourselves to embrace the sounds of legacy artists we love while blending our sound with new ideas and sentiment from today."

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