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Sunday, August 15, 2021

Night Talks, Little Thief, James McMurtry, Baywud, Shawna Caspi - Now in our New Music bin

Night Talks: Overcome

We've just about worn down the grooves of this Los Angeles band's debut album, 2017's In Dreams. So we're glad to finally hear some new music from the indie-pop-rock group fronted by Soraya Sebghati - and to know that there's a new album in the works. LA blog Grimy Goods writes: "Bouncy, light and with plenty of dream pop synth to open with, the tune is an upbeat downer, with a catchy as hell melody and heartbreaking lyrics not about lost love, but friendships grown apart."

Little Thief: Freak

From Bristol UK comes the indie-rock project of Charlie Fitzgerald and Rhii Williams. They've been playing together as Little Thief since 2015, have several singles to their credit, and will release their debut album, Under the Patio, next month. Fitzgerald says this exuberant number was written for "that wild-card lover" who brings "excitement and fear" to one's life.

James McMurtry: The Horses and the Hounds

Here's the title track from the latest album by this Texas story-teller who has long been a staple of our mix. It was produced (mostly pre-pandemic) by Ross Hogarth, who was the recording engineer on McMurtry's first two albums, Too Long in the Wasteland and Candyland. McMurtry's lyrics had a seen-it-all quality 30 years ago, and now seems to have grown into his own persona. In this song, the narrator seems to feel his past catching up with him: "I've been running for so long / I just can't find a way back home / So I turn to face the horses and the hounds."

Shawna Caspi: Wait Love

This is the second single to emerge from the new album, Hurricane Coming, on which the Toronto-based singer-songwriter expands her sound with richer instrumental backing. This end-of-an-affair song is a co-write with producer Joel Schwartz. Caspi is also a visual artist, and each track on the album comes with artwork tied to its theme. For "Wait Love," the painting is inspired by pyrography - burning lines into wood with a heated pen. "Bold lines go deep and are difficult to erase," Caspi says. "The marks of a tumultuous relationship are indelible, etched on the body, the mind, the heart."

Baywud: Silver & Gold

In recent months we've played several songs by this LA-based singer-songwriter on The Birch Street Bistro, our daily hour of music on the softer side. This latest single brings out his folk-rock side, with a catchy tune and a message of encouragement to someone struggling with setbacks: "This pain will heal / The path isn’t straight / But just walk it anyway / You’re silver and gold / You shine like a wounded star."

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