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Saturday, November 14, 2020

New Foo Fighters + Ida Mae feat. Marcus King + Chair Warriors + Valley + Just Like Honey

Foo Fighters: Shame Shame

Dave Grohl says he and his fellow foos wanted to try something a little different in making their upcoming album, Medicine at Midnight. Citing examples like Bowie's Let's Dance and the Stones Tattoo You - "those rock albums that would make you get up and move and dance" -  Grohl told Loudwire: "We haven't done that yet, so we went into the studio with that in mind ... I don't even wanna say it's like our 'dance record,' but it's got grooves that we've never had before, so they kind of make you bounce around." He also said this first single may be the least-typical-FF song in the batch.

Ida Mae: Deep River (feat. Marcus King)

The husband-and-wife duo of Chris Turpin and Stephanie Jean hail from Norfolk, U.K. but their love of Americana folk, country and blues styles brought them to Nashville. On this track from their new EP Raining For You, they expand on their acoustic sound by teaming up with Marcus King. They describe the song as "the rowdy dystopian dream-state adventure of two people In love. It was written in one sitting as a stream of consciousness storybook about two people leaving their home to try and make something of themselves, only to find themselves lost in a system that is out of their control." The result is a wonderfully frantic blues-rock blast. 

Chair Warriors: Spirit

Several tracks from this Montreal band's 2017 album Dawn of Edo are in our big mix, and we're glad to be among the first to spin this new single. Entertainment site V13 premiered it a few days ago, saying it shows the indie-rock trio "at their most polished and most capable." The band says it's part of "a slew of new upcoming material that breaks the mold we originally created with our previous EP," and that will tell a story of an "entity" with a message that can change the world for the better. Musically, they describe the track as "all about classic ‘80s synths and a retro-wave aesthetic while maintaining signature elements of our earlier work.”

Valley: hiccup

This Toronto indie-pop quartet steps up its game on its new EP, sucks to see you doing better. Northern Transmissions writes: "Each track is a multi-layered composition with captivating notes of exploration and curiosity which allows fans to go beyond the traditional means of songwriting." Karah James steps out from behind the drums to join guitarist/lead singer Rob Laska on vocals, and we agree with the reviewer that "Valley is at their strongest when both Rob and Karah share the mic." The themes running through the lyrics of all five songs are breakup-regret and young-adult ennui, sugar-coated in catchy tunes and bouncy production.

Just Like Honey: Heart Has No Place

Composed of musicians from the USA, Germany, France and Canada, this band (or its PR people) describe its music as "bittersweet melancholy" combining influences from dream pop, alternative rock and indie folk. The band was started by Patrick Le Mar (guitars, bass) and his half-brother Steve (drums, percussion) and became complete with the additions of Darlene Jonasson (lead vocals, guitar, mandolin) and Bianca Yang (lead vocals, bass, piano). This track from their new album, Into the Wild, mixes well with the likes of The Sundays and The Cranberries.

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