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Saturday, November 7, 2020

Daniel Lanois, Reuben and the Dark, Deep Sea Diver, Seaway, Lauren Mann in our New Music bin

Daniel Lanois: (Under the) Heavy Sun

Photo by Floria Sigismondi
The latest project from the producer behind some of the most influential albums in rock history has him working with guitarist Rocco DeLuca, organist Johnny Shepherd and bassist Jim Wilson to create what Spin calls a "space-gospel vibe." The four share vocal duties on the forthcoming album, Heavy Sun, with Shepherd taking the lead on this track. "Under The Heavy Sun," says Lanois, "imagines a place where spirit rises from the ground, from hurt to glory, an open road to a joy untold, a club somewhere in outer space where you leave your ego at the door to enter a new dimension of freedom." XS Noise says the track "fuses classic gospel and modern electronics, mixing gritty, human textures with crisp, digital accents and lush, swirling atmospherics."

Reuben and the Dark: Change

"This song has been floating around for a while," says Reuben Bullock, frontman of this Calgary-based folk-rock band. It didn't make it onto the group's 2019 album un \ love, but its release as a single seems well-timed to the present moment. "We are in a strange place in time," Bullock says. "All of us are going through transformations … transitions. Many of us feel like trees just trying to hold onto their leaves. But, it is a time for transformation. Embracing the seasons of the heart. We have been changed. We are still changing.”

Deep Sea Diver: Impossible Weight (feat. Sharon Van Etten)

The title track from the third album by this Seattle-based band features guest vocal by Sharon van Etten. Consequence of Sound writes that she and bandleader Jessica Dobson "trade strong vocal performances [and] harmonize seamlessly. Dobson’s sharp guitar work crunches and buzzes beneath them, serving as another voice altogether." Dobson, who has played lead guitar for Beck and The Shins, co-produced her band's new LP. American Songwriter calls the collection "a restless mix of surprisingly catchy pop hooks, sing-along choruses and incisive indie rock with Dobson’s strong, expressive vocals careening above layered guitars, drums and keyboards." 

Seaway: Brain in a Jar

Known as a pop-punk band, this Ontario outfit moves a bit toward 70s/80s power pop on its fourth album, Big Vibe. AllMusic says the LP "feels like a subtle move away from the nervy punk of the band's early years and further towards a mainstream rock sophistication they've always hinted at. ... [It] builds upon everything they've done before but pushes them in a bigger, more ambitious direction." The title track is the featured single, but we're focusing on this lead-off number reminiscent of the early days of alternative rock. 

Lauren Mann: Say It Out Loud

We've been spinning the single "Dear Forever," and with the release of the full album Memory & Desire, we're featuring this upbeat song is about speaking one's mind. "Say it out loud like you know it's the truth / Say it out loud even if you're confused / Try to get it out from inside your head / Before it's all just miscommunication." It's one of many fine tracks on the British Columbia-based singer-songwriter's latest release, and you'll be hearing others on The Bistro and elsewhere in our mix.

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