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Saturday, December 14, 2019

New singles from U2, Wye Oak, teepee, Tic Tic and Adrian Sutherland added to our Marvelous Mix

U2 & A.R. Rahman: Ahimsa

This collaboration between one of the world's most famous rock bands and one of India's best-known composers is a song of non-violence - the translation of the Sanskrit title. Released to coincide with U2's first-ever concerts in India, the track opens and closes with Rahman's daughters singing an ancient Tamil verse. Otherwise it's very recognizable as a U2 song - sweeping and earnest. The Irish Times calls it "cookie-cutter U2 ... But it works ... It isn’t the least bit histrionic. U2 feel more carefree than at any point in the past decade."

Wye Oak: Fortune

Originally from Baltimore, Andy Stack and Jenn Wasner lived in separate cities for a few years and split their time between Wye Oak and side projects. Now they're living in the same city again (Durham, N.C.) and got together in a studio this summer to produce some new music. "Fortune" is the first track to emerge and the duo’s first release since 2018’s The Louder I Call, The Faster It Runs. Consequence of Sound says the song "is paced by steady cyclical sonic builds, icy synth winds sweeping over Wasner’s broad harmonies." Says Wasner: "Life is change. Change is loss. This song is about how hard it is to let go, and the feeling of celebrating and mourning it all at once.”

teepee: Heavenly Gates

From the Czech Republic comes the dream pop / indie-folk music of Tereza Lavičková and Miroslav Patočka. They've been featured on The Detour, and now they've landed in our New Music bin with this track from their upcoming second album, Where the Ocean Breaks. The  duo describes the album as "about hope, reconciliation, love, changes but also about the inequalities in our society, and connection with nature."

Tic Tic: Autopilot

From Prague we jump north to Kristiansand, Norway, where Irene Svendsen and Kai Drange live "with our cat and our synths." Their music combines programmed patterns and electronic instruments with dreamy vocals. This brightly bouncing number is the first single from their debut album, to be released early in the new year.

Adrian Sutherland: Politician Man

Whether you live in Canada - Sutherland is originally from Attawapiskat in northern Ontario - or in the U.S. or the U.K. or virtually anywhere on Planet Earth, you can probably relate to this song. "Hey Mr. Politician Man, whatcha done for me lately? / Hey Mr. Politician Man won't you break me off a piece some day," Sutherland sings. "Lying to my face / Lying to yourself / Lying to the people you said that you would help." The frontman of roots-rock band Midnight Shine (which we've featured before) released this song in October, just before Canada's federal election. We bet it will remain relevant for a long, long time. 

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