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Saturday, December 21, 2019

Fresh picks from KOYO, Madison Cunningham, Annie Keating, Drew Holcomb, Mallrat

KOYO: Ostracised

We've been playing tracks by this British band on our extra-eclectic show The Detour, and now we're moving their latest single into our New Music bin. The five-piece from Leeds cites psych-rock bands like Tame Impala as influences, and mixes in strains of harder and progressive rock. "We liked the idea of writing a song that manages to pull together both directions we’ve been going in - the wilder, more raucous side and the spacey, poppier side," the band said in a release. "Lyrically, let it be an anthem for anyone who’s felt disconnected or cut off from something, someone, maybe society or socially.”

Madison Cunningham: Trouble Found Me

We previously featured "Pin It Down" from this Los Angeles singer-songwriter's recent album, Who Are You Now. Popmatters called our latest pick the "catchiest moment on the record." The lyric suggests the trouble came in the form of a bad relationship - "But nothing that I can do / Is enough for you" - that the singer is leaving behind with lessons learned. "Next time I'm gonna be ready / When trouble finds me."

Annie Keating: $20

The flow of new releases slows in the holiday season, and that gives us a chance to revisit music that emerged earlier this year. Back in July we featured "Beholden" from this Brooklyn-based country-bluesy-rock-singer-songwriter's latest EP, Can't Stand Still. Now that it's winter, we're breaking out this track about being on the street in bitter January cold with $20 to your name.

Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors: The End of the World

This is another song that came out over the summer, on this Nashville-based Americana-rock band's latest collection, Dragons. The Detour included it in a cheerfully apocalyptic theme set (which you can hear here). Holcomb calls it "our take on the 'Eat, Drink, and Be Merry' for tomorrow you will die theme" as well as a "big clarion call for community."

Mallrat: Charlie

We're also catching up with this track from September's Driving Music, the second EP by Australia's Mallrat, a.k.a. Grace Shaw. A bit of a departure for the hip-hop-influenced pop singer, this song opens with gentle piano chords setting a reflective mood before Shaw begins talk/singing about feelings of love that maybe aren't entirely requited: "I just might love you forever / I hope you warm up to me." The closing refrain invokes the Charlie of the title: Shaw's dog. "All I wanna do is see you when I get home / Like Charlie in the rain outside."

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