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Saturday, November 30, 2019

Our latest adds: The Restless Age, Drive-By Truckers, Coldplay, Eliza & The Delusionals, 311

The Restless Age: Time Can't Go Back Now

From the music scene around Woodstock, N.Y., comes the trio of Will Bryant (keyboards), Lee Falco (drums) and Brandon Morrison (bass). Their music features vocal harmonies that recall classic bands like CS&N and Poco and could mix well with modern outfits like Real Estate, Lost Leaders and Grizzly Bear. Over the past several years they've performed as backing musicians for Amy Helm, Donald Fagen, John Sebastian and Graham Nash, and have toured in support of  The Waterboys and others. Our featured track is on The Building Sessions, an LP they recorded in a couple of days earlier this year at The Building recording studio in Marlboro, N.Y.

Drive-By Truckers: Amageddon's Back In Town

One of the most common themes in rock music these days is a feeling of disorientation amid a world in crisis. Some songs confront politics and climate change directly, others convey a sense of general confusion. This track takes the latter course, with Patterson Hood singing cryptic lyrics like "You can't tell the darkness from the flame" and "You can't tell the rabbit from the hat. The band describes the song as a “whirlwind joyride through the whiplash of events we collectively deal with each day.” This is the first single from an album titled The Unraveling, expected in January.

Coldplay: Arabesque

We previously featured "Orphans," one of the early singles from Everyday Life. The full album was just released, and Spin calls it "their best album since 2011’s Mylo Xyloto, and their most provocative work to date." Coldplay experiments here with touches of classical, gospel, country and world music. "Arabesque" is a particularly international number, with a verse contributed by Belgian musician Stromae and a horn section led by Femi Kuti, son of Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti. To our ears, it's the strongest cut on the album.

Eliza & The Delusionals: Just Exist

This indie-rock band hails from Southport, on the Gold Coast of Australia. Frontwoman Eliza Klatt says "Just Exist is about the balance of feeling depressed and feeling creative and inspired by those feelings. ... I hate feeling down but if I didn’t feel that way I think I would plainly just exist.” This single was released several months ago but has taken a while to find its way to our New Music bin. So far the band has released an EP and several singles; we don't know if there's an album on the way.

311: Dodging Raindrops

We round out this week's New Music bin with a cheery tune from this band's 14th (!) album, Voyager. This track puts a sunny, pop gloss on 311's trademarked reggae-rock. Consider it our guilty pleasure of the week.

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