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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Our latest adds: Pretenders, Stoop Kids & more!

The Pretenders are back, bringing out their first album in eight years. The first single from the Dan Auerbach-produced Alone is "Holy Commotion," an I-just-want-to-dance-all-night number heavy on synths and percussion. Just a hunch, but we wouldn't be surprised if Chrissie Hynde & Co. try out a variety of sounds on this album.
To be honest we don't remember how we came upon Stoop Kids, but our instant reaction was - "OK, this is different!" This New Orleans-based band describes itself as "a psychedelic jukebox: they write and play inside a melting pot of genres, re-imagining the last 75 years of popular music."

This is music that doesn't exactly "fit" any particular radio format - so that makes it just right for us, eh? We've picked up their three latest singles: You'll hear "Motions" in our new-music rotation and "Good Enough" and "Quit You" will pop into the mix now and then.

Our other latest entries in the New Music Bin are additional tracks - in fact, the title tracks - from The Wind and The Wave's second album, Happiness Is Not A Place, and Van Morrison's 36th (!) studio album, Keep Me Singing.
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