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Monday, September 5, 2016

Dig the Rigs & other new music on Birch St Radio

Catching opening acts is always a good way to discover new bands, and that's how we found The Rondo Rigs, who supported Carsie Blanton on part of her current tour.

The Rigs are a trio consisting of Eric Robertson (Bass, Guitar, Mandolin), Duncan Wickel (Fiddle, Cello, Leslie) and Nicholas Falk (Drums, Banjo, Bass) -- or as they call themselves on stage, Ric, Nick and Wick.

Their music builds on traditions from the Appalachians to New Orleans, mixing country, rock, blues, funk and other styles.

They've just released their debut album, and we've added "Nothing But Love" and "Rachel" to our own Marvelous Mix.

Also joining our New Music rotation this week:
  • Jimmy Eat World is back after a three-year break and will release their new album Integrity Blues next month. We're spinning the single "Sure And Certain."
  • We've said before that Tyler Boone's album True Experience offers a wide variety of sounds, from gentle ballad ("Paper Wings") to hard rocker ("Don't Let Me Down"). Our latest selection is the bluesy "When I Was Young."

And we're excited to debut "Tasteless," the first single from the second album by Bryan Hansen Band, When You Stop Pulling Back.

This New Jersey outfit combines Bryan's singing and songwriting with an excellent jazzy/funky band. He cites Dave Matthews and John Mayer among his influences.

We've been playing "Parallel" and "Summers Mind" from the previous album, Brothers Among Wolves. Check out the new song while we wait for the rest of the new album.

We do our best to keep our Marvelous Mix of Music fresh and interesting, and we sure hope you enjoy it! Please let us know what you think by commenting on this page, by email, or on Facebook or Twitter.

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