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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Deep thoughts, robot moves & other new music

Our new-music bin is overflowing as September has brought a flood of releases. Here are the latest picks we're featuring this week.

Dawes: The new album title, We're All Gonna Die, might seem flip or jokey -- but actually, Taylor Goldsmith is just telling it as it is. While the band expands its sound on this album, Goldsmith's lyrics continue to explore uncomfortable truths - such as "Why all the people we love/Are the same as we can also hate." That's a line from "Roll With The Punches," now in our top-of-the-hour New Music rotation. Other tracks from the album will be turning up in our playlist as well.

Wilco: Likewise, the band shifts its sound a bit on Schmilco - toward the quiet, acoustic side - while Jeff Tweedy's lyrics get very personal and introspective. One review of this album said "the best way to enjoy it might be a little bit at a time." The latest bit we're spinning is "Cry All Day."

Red Hot Chili Peppers: "Go Robot" could almost be one of those songs designed to start a dance craze -- and who knows if we'll start seeing white-painted dancers turning up in clubs. Check out the video if you haven't yet. The track is a fun little disco-funk trip. "You will find your flow when you go robot."

St. Paul & The Broken Bones: Speaking of finding your flow, this Alabama retro-soul band really comes into its own with its latest album, Sea Of Noise. Our favorite track is "Flow With It (You've Got Me Feeling Like)." Now an eight-piece outfit, the Bones make good use of horns and percussion on this absolutely groovin' number.

Phish: The jam masters have a new album coming soon, Big Boat, and we're spinning the first single, "Breath and Burning." It's a bouncy, breezy number -- that also happens to reflect on mortality (have these guys been hanging out with Dawes?). "What does it matter that the end's in sight," they sing. "We'll dance in the light of the moon."

These are the highlights but we've got other new music working its way into our playlist, so tune in to our sometimes-surprising, always-interesting mix! And sends us comments/suggestions here or on Facebook or Twitter.

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