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Monday, June 6, 2016

Veterans and newcomers add to our Marvelous Mix

So much good new music came out in the past week, it's like, "Wow."

But actually we don't mean that tripping single by Beck. Okay, we might play it now and then for amusement, but we're more interested in these other new releases:

Paul Simon's Stranger to Stranger shows that this master can still mix captivating combinations of words and sounds. Some songs tell stories, others draw on emotions and inner thoughts. We've added the meditative title track to our New Music rotation this week, and you'll hear other cuts turning up in our Marvelous Mix in the coming days.

Hat tip to David Dye at World Cafe for calling our attention to Bonnie Bishop. From Texas by way of Nashville, she spent a dozen or so years on the road as a country musician but goes in more of a soul/blues direction on her new album, Ain't Who I Was. Her powerful voice soars over a Motown-R&B sound in the track we've picked for our New Music bin, "Too Late."

Also out of Nashville but with more of a pop/rock/indie sound come The Saint Johns. The duo of Louis Johnson and Jordan Meredith recently released their debut full-length album, Dead of Night. Check out "Falling Back to You," our first pick from the collection.

And check out another duo, Australia's Falls. The story goes that Simon Rudston-Brown and Melinda Kirwin were a couple, then they weren't, but continued writing and performing together. “Our songs are at times deeply personal,” Kirwin told The Wall Street Journal. "They’re raw, they’re real, and they’re very honest.” The two traveled to Omaha, Nebraska, to record with producer Mike Mogis, and the result is an album called, um, Omaha. We're starting with the opening track, "Let In The Light."

Meanwhile The Head and the Heart have announced they're working on their third album, and dropped the first single, "All We Ever Knew." It's an expansive, upbeat song that will have concert crowds la-la-la-ing along.

We've got more fresh music coming from Colvin & Earle, Sarah Jarosz, The Wild Feathers and more so - as they say - Stay Tuned!

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