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Hello and welcome!

Birch Street Radio is a noncommercial, independent program produced by and for music lovers.

We feature a wide range of rock and "alternative" music from the past five decades - from The Beatles to The Black Keys, Dylan to Dawes and beyond.

We enjoy mixing the new and the old, the familiar and the obscure, and we're constantly adding new artists and new songs -- with a special emphasis on independent and emerging artists.

Birch Street Radio began broadcasting in April 2013 and has been evolving ever since. Our program has moved a few times from one internet broadcast operation to another. In January 2018, Birch Street Radio began streaming on the TorontoCast network. In January 2019, Birch Street Radio launched a second stream on the Live365 network for listeners in the United States.

In the shifting landscape of internet radio, our program may switch "channels" from time to time -- but our "Marvelous Mixture of Music" plays on! You can always find players and links to our stream here at birchstreetradio.com

A note about Birch Street Radio and its streaming hosts: 

Birch Street Radio is a musical entertainment program produced by Birch Street Studios. The program is streamed from servers in Canada by TorontoCast, and in the USA by Live365. Those streaming companies are responsible for all legal, financial and technical aspects of their respective services.

TorontoCast, LLC
13-280 West Beaver Creek Rd., Suite #164
Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3Z1

1340 Monticello Avenue
Hermitage, PA 16148

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