Sunday, August 21, 2016

New bands & veterans, we add their new sounds

The artist-promotion site has led us to another find: An Austin-based band called Tahoma. Lead singer Brandon Aguilar and vocalist/percussionist Sarah Oermann formerly worked as a duo but have now formed a five-piece band and just released Hide Away. Our favorite track is the title song, so we've added that to our New Music rotation, but we'll also be spinning the official "single" from the album, "Emerald Ring."

Along with discovering new artists we always enjoy adding new works by veterans. 

Grateful Dead vet Bob Weir has a new solo album in the works, called Blue Mountain. 

The first song to spin out of it is "Only A River." It's co-written by Josh Ritter and makes references to the traditional folk song "Shenandoah."

Also brewing a new album: Dawes. We're not sure what to make of the foreboding title, We're All Gonna Die. 

The first single, "When the Tequila Runs Out," describes a party gone way too far -- reminding us that "it's hard to leave when you can't find the door."

We're constantly adding new music - and filling in gaps in our collection of classic rock, singer-songwriter and related genres of music. We welcome your suggestions too! Comment on this page or get in touch on Facebook, Twitter or email. And please keep listening!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Carsie and the So Ferocious Girls

If you're a Birch Street Radio regular you know Carsie Blanton and you've been hearing tracks from her new album, So Ferocious, in our Marvelous Mix. But you really need to check out the videos, too. This latest, for the title track, packs a punch!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Fantasy music and more added to our mix

Florence and the Machine has released a few tracks recorded for the video game Final Fantasy XV.

"I've always seen Final Fantasy as a beautiful and creative game," said Florence Welch, the singer behind the Machine. "In some ways the landscape of Final Fantasy and my own internal landscape seemed to fit quite well. It's mythical and beautiful and epic."

We've added "Too Much is Never Enough" to our New Music rotation. (That title seems to fit Welch's approach to music, doesn't it?)

Back in the real world, Rich Robinson, who founded Counting Crows with his older brother Chris, recently released a solo album, Flux. Our first selection is "Music That Will Lift Me." Robinson is currently on tour, with Bonnie Bishop opening - a great double-bill!

We've also popped another track from the recent The Wild Feathers release, Lonely is a Lifetime, into our New Music bin: "Help Me Out."

And we've plucked another tune from the recent Catfish and the Bottlemen album, The Ride. It's the opening track, called simply "7."

Sunday, August 7, 2016

New music from new & 'classic' artists

The latest additions to our New Music rotation come from veteran stars and from new indie bands too. Just the way we like it.

Fialta is a band composed of two married couples from San Luis Obispo, Calif. They describe themselves as "four individual songwriters, vocalists, and multi-instrumentalists ... (who) support each other in arranging and recording our musical ideas." They just released their second album, Shadow of a Drought. We're featuring "Be Someone" in our New Music rotation. You'll also hear "Do The Best We Can" and "Another Lonely Heart."
One discovery leads to another. After finding Lauren Mann's new album Dearestly last week, we were tipped to another Western Canadian indie artist: a band from Kelowna, British Columbia called Wild Son. Their debut, self-titled album came out at the end of 2015. We've put the opening track, "Hello Sunrise," into our New Music bin.
Heart recently released its 16th studio album, which has a few new songs mixed with new recordings of songs from the bands extensive catalog. They're not the solid-gold hits, but some lesser-known tracks that Nancy and Ann Wilson decided to revisit and re-interpret. We've added the title track, "Beautiful Broken," to our New Music rotation. It features backing vocals by James Hefield (yes, of Metalica). We'll also be giving some play to our favorite of the new tracks, "I Jump."
Norah Jones turns back to her piano roots on her upcoming album Day Breaks. In releasing the first single, "Carry On," she said “This new album feels full circle because I’m going back to my early influences. ... After the first record, I drifted away from the piano a little bit. I still played it, but was more inspired to write on guitar. I really loved playing piano on this record.”
And Wilco has slipped out another track from its upcoming album, Schmilco: "If I Ever Was A Child" joins "Locator" in our playlist.

We hope you're enjoying our "New & Improved" internet stream! If you find yourself listening to our older stream you'll hear announcements urging you to come to this website and update your player links. 

Friday, August 5, 2016

Our New & Improved stream is 'on the air'

It's New! and Improved!
Check out the "New & Improved" Birch Street Radio!

The players and links on this page have been updated to bring you Birch Street Radio on its new channel.

In our new arrangement with web broadcaster SoniXcast, we can bring you more music per hour - because we don't have to take breaks to allow for advertising.

Yes, the new Birch Street Radio is commercial-free. And it's still free to you - no sign-up required!

The new stream is also available on more sites and mobile apps, including TuneIn and Nobex.

The previous version of Birch Street Radio is still playing on Radionomy, which has been carrying our program since January. That channel will be phased out over the next several weeks -- so be sure to update your links and players! If you're listening to the old stream, you'll hear announcements asking you to come to this website and connect to the new one.

(We're planning to launch a spin-off station on Radionomy this fall. More on that later.)

The "new & improved" Birch Street Radio will continue to mix brand-new and classic rock, folk-rock, alternative, indie music and more. We hope you'll continue listening! Enjoy!

Sunday, July 31, 2016

We're building a better Birch Street Radio

We're creating a new, improved, commercial-free version of Birch Street Radio.

Our "marvelous mix of music" is preparing to move to a new internet stream. You might say we're changing channels -- like when a TV series moves from one network to another.

On our new stream, we'll continue playing new & classic music by bands & singer-songwriters from the '60s to today -- and more music, because we won't have to take station breaks to allow for advertisements.

We'll make the switch gradually, At the moment, we're simulcasting the same program on both channels. The new one is available on TuneIn, Radio.netRadioforest, and certain other sites, as well as the mobile apps from TuneIn, and Nobex. The original stream continues on Radionomy,com and certain other sites. Both can be found on by searching for Birch Street Radio.

Once we're sure things are working well, we will split the programming. The new stream will drop the station breaks. The older stream will keep running for a while, but with a smaller playlist and commercial breaks. If you're listening to the older stream, you'll hear announcements asking you to come to this website and connect to the new stream. Eventually the older stream will be discontinued.

The internet-broadcasting landscape has been going through a lot of change lately, and there's always a chance we'll have to make further moves or changes in the future. But we plan to do whatever's best to keep the music playing -- and we hope you'll continue listening to Birch Street Radio.

Remember, you can always find the latest links & players here at

Image: RCA Victor inspector tests frequency alignment of a radio at factory in Camden, N.J., circa 1936. Source: National Archives.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Our journey of musical discovery continues

Have you heard of Canadian singer-songwriter Lauren Mann? Neither had we until her latest album, Dearestly, showed up on (a site we highly recommend, by the way). We started listening and couldn't stop.

We're adding "New Beginning" to our New Music bin, and a bunch of other tracks are going into our Marvelous Mix of Music.

So who is Lauren Mann? A Calgary native now living on Canada's west coast, she was the winner of a CBC-Radio Canada's "Searchlight" talent contest a couple of years ago (read an interview here).

Our other new adds couldn't be much more different: A couple of hard rock tracks and some British indie pop:
  • OK we'll also admit that we're not familiar with the L.A. alt-rock band Failure, which broke up in 1997. But it's now reunited and issued its first album in 20 years, The Heart Is A Monster. We're spinning "Hot Traveler."
  • Yet another band that's news to us: Mammal Not Fish, four lads from Norwich, U.K. They've just put out their first EP, Wake Up! One track won its way into our New Music bin: "Dreaming Of The Sea."
  • And more from Canada: The band Billy Talent has a lot to say about global issues on its fifth album, Afraid of Heights. We're adding the title track, which calls "a melodic pop/rock bomb, the central thesis of the entire record: conquering fear and taking a step into the unknown."