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Saturday, March 16, 2024

New music by Willow, Alice Merton, Cadet Carter, Cloud Nothings, Dead Root Revival

Willow: Symptom Of Life

The LA-based musician has explored various styles of pop and rock over five albums, and takes a jazzy turn on this new single. “The song has a very beautiful whimsical nature but holds a lot of mystery,” says the 23-year-old daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith. “There’s this beautiful light coming in through the piano, but also this syncopated rhythm of the bass bringing in that mysterious element. A juxtaposition of light and dark.”

Alice Merton: Run Away Girl

Remembering her breakout song "No Roots," it's not surprising to hear Merton singing "Where the hell am I supposed to be? ... Who the hell am I supposed to be?" She says this new song "comes from an introspective look at oneself and feeling lost in the outside world, but especially feeling lost on the inside."

Cadet Carter: My Favourite Place (feat. Kayleigh Goldsworthy)

Although they describe themselves as an emo/punk band, their latest single fits solidly in what one might call the alternative mainstream (oxymoron much?). The Munich-based band, fronted by Welsh lead singer Nick Sauter, is joined by Philadelphia-based singer Goldsworthy on this track from its upcoming album Self Maintenance.

Cloud Nothings: Running Through The Campus

Photo by Errick Easterday
The Cleveland band’s eighth full-length album, Final Summer, comes out in a few weeks. This is the second pre-released single, which bandleader Dylan Baldi says was inspired by his own daily runs through a college campus near his home. He says the song "is about an intrusive thought I can have on those late-night runs, about whether or not it’s slightly depressing that I’m out running around alone while everyone else is gone and actually doing something, probably with other people."

Dead Root Revival: Got In Store

This classic-rock-style band from Kingston, Ont., has released a handful of live albums over the years and now has finally gotten around to putting out a studio LP. But The Controller's Exam was recorded mostly live-off-the-floor with producer David Barbe in Athens, Georgia. "Our goal with this record was to capture the energy of our live show, and really give DRR fans something special," says singer-songwriter-guitarist Tom Savage. The other band members are Tony Silvestri on keyboards, drummer Bonz Bowering and bassist Richard Piche.

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