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Saturday, October 21, 2023

Middle Kids, Nation of Language, The Struts, Deeper, The Rolling Stones: New music in our mix

Middle Kids: Dramamine

Photo by Pooneh Ghana
The indie-rock trio from Sydney have announced a new album on its way early next year, called Faith Crisis Pt. 1 (suggesting a second part will soon follow.) It will include the recenet single "Highlands" along with this track, which Stereogum calls "a giddy, jangly headrush that’ll probably sound great at festivals." It's a co-write by lead singer Hannah Joy and bandmate-husband Tim Fitz.

Nation of Language: Surely I Can't Wait

Photo by Shervin Lainez
The Brooklyn-based synth-pop band just released its third album, Strange Disciple. Four tracks had already come out as singles, so we're picking a fresh one for our New Music bin, although we'll sprinkle others into our big mix. The album's theme is described as "infatuation and how one’s reality can be warped by it." NME says the music is "imbued with layers of post-punk nostalgia, sure, but the kinetic energy in the arrangements steer it from being derivative."

The Struts: Pretty Vicious

Photo by Ben Cope
This is the title track of the British band's fourth album. Frontman Luke Spiller says the song came together very spontaneously, starting with the opening lines: "When you talk and everybody listens / And you walk and everybody whispers." He adds, "They aren’t super clever [lyrics], but they felt right. It’s more about the vocal delivery. That's what makes it dark and sexy."

Deeper: Build a Bridge

Newly signed to the SubPop label, this Chicago band has now released its third album, Careful! This single actually floated out over the summer, but just reached our ears with the LP release. Paste Magazine describes the group's music as "post-punk that is high strung and anxious," featuring "Nic Gohl’s David Byrne-like shriek."

The Rolling Stones: Bite My Head Off

Photo by Mark Seliger
The first collection of new Stones music in 18 years is getting mostly positive reviews, with Rolling Stone (the magazine) calling it "a vibrant and cohesive record" and The Guardian saying it "crackles with a sense of purpose. (OTOH, the ever-acerbic Pitchfork calls its 12 tunes "a bunch of hackneyed duds, polished until the character has disappeared.") Producer Andy Watt, who was also working with Paul McCartney at the time, invited him to make a guest appearance, which he does on this track. As Jagger tells it: "Andy said, ‘lets put him on this punk tune.’ Paul was amazing. I’d sung with Paul before. I was playing guitar, he was playing bass. He was great on it. He was amazing.”

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