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Saturday, September 30, 2023

The Record Company, The Joy Formidable, Screens 4 Eyes, Peter Gabriel, Goose, Wilco, Yukon Blonde, Pony Gold, Airport Impressions, The Metal Byrds - A double batch of New Music!

Our music-pickers took last week off,
but they're making up for that by adding
10 fresh tracks to the New Music bin!

The Record Company: Dance On Mondays

After their record company dropped The Record Company (yup), the band chose to go back to basics, working on their own with bassist Alex Stiff taking on the producing duties for The 4th Album. Rock and Blues Muse writes: "The stripped-down approach suits the band well, with each song being built around a strong rhythmic base and colored with lap steel licks and tasty harp, both courtesy of guitarist/singer Chris Vos. There’s a hint of CCR swamp-rock in some tracks, and others lean toward acoustic Delta blues. Stiff and drummer Marc Cazorla lay down a foundation that’s both solid and creative, and Vos is in good voice throughout." This is the opening track.

The Joy Formidable: Share My Heat

Photo by Joe Singh
The Welsh trio of Ritzy Bryan (vocals/guitar), Rhydian Dafydd (bass/vocals) and Matt Thomas (drummer) has put out three singles this year - the latest a 15 minute opus. We will play the full version occasionally, but as a featured track in our New Music bin, we're using the 3:49 "radio single" version. Bryan says the song "is about true connection and love. Deep, selfless love between humans is a beautiful part of our existence, but I’m also singing about our inherent love for nature, the living world and our kinship to everything: plants, animals, mountains and lake."

Screens 4 Eyes: Trip to the North

This is the second track on a double-single release just released by the Tel Aviv group led by Yael Brener. We recently featured "Patterns," which Brener described as "in a dreampop/new wave style," whereas this one is "a more chilled psych-rock," a bit of a different direction for the Screens.

Peter Gabriel: This Is Home (Dark-Side Mix)

The tenth song in the month-by-month release of I/O is, says Gabriel, "a love song. It began with inspiration from some of the great Tamla Motown rhythm sections, so we're trying to recreate that in a modern way, complete with the tambourine and handclaps."

Goose: Travelers I

This is the first of three tracks on an EP the Connecticut-based jam band just dropped. Together they make up a suite of songs the band has played live over the years. Guitarist/singer Rick Mitarotonda says the songs are "among a collection of material I wrote in the years prior to Goose forming." Making the studio recording of the suite "was a special time and place for me personally.”

Wilco: Cousin

Photo by Peter Crosby
On their 13th album, Cousin, Jeff Tweedy and company collaborate with Welsh musician/producer Cate Le Bon. After previously featuring the advance single "Evicted," we now pick the title track for our New Music bin.

Yukon Blonde: You Always Get What You Want

Photo by Raunie Mae Baker
Here's the latest track to spin out ahead of the Canadian indie-pop band's next album, Shuggie, due for release in a couple of weeks. Frontman Jeff Innes says of the song's beginnings: "I was listening to a lot of Fleetwood Mac and The Flaming Lips in a kind of loop around this time, and I got really inspired by both bands ability to use the same chords throughout the whole song and just change the melody around." The lyric is about how easy it is to spend all our time with our devices instead of friends.

Pony Gold: Love You Anyway

Credit: Victoria Black Photos
Recently released as their second single, this is now the lead track on Take Me Somewhere, the debut EP from the emerging Victoria, BC-based duo of Theresa and Matt Bromley. Billed as "a love song for oneself," it features Theresa's songwriting and vocal and Matt's slide-guitar work.

Airport Impressions: Waiting for Paradise

From the Mediterranean nation of Malta comes this "melodic alternative rock" band that's working its first EP. This single was released over the summer and has now found its way across the seas and into our New Music bin. It's not our first impression of the band: We added the single "Light Years" to our mix in late 2020.

The Metal Byrds: Shy Girl

We first picked up on this hard-edged indie-rock band from Houston, Texas, in late 2020, and since then several of their tracks have been spinning on our nightly free-form show, The Detour. This new single is a highlight of their latest EP, Moments Before Sunrise. 

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