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Saturday, August 19, 2023

Rhiannon Giddens, Great American Canyon Band, Taylor Ashton, Margaret Glaspy, Soda Blonde - Latest in our New Music bin

Rhiannon Giddens: Yet To Be (feat. Jason Isbell)

The new album You're The One is the first consisting of all original music by this Grammy and Pulitzer(!) prize-winning vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. The 11-song collection "goes well beyond her profile as an esteemed folk singer and traditionalist, as it embraces pop, rock, blues, jazz, and gospel," writes Glide Magazine. This track is a story song about two runaways, a Black woman and an Irish man, finding themselves together in search of a better life.

Great American Canyon Band: You Were The One

Matt, Kris, Paul. Photo by Nicola Harger.
We're glad to hear new music from Paul and Kris Masson and their band. Tracks from the duo's 2016 debut, Only You Remain, and 2017's limited-issue EP Westward have been in our big mix since their release. After spending a couple of years on touring and a couple on songwriting, the group faced a couple of years of pandemic delays. Their sophomore LP is finally on its way, with lead guitarist Matt Boyer now a full-time band member. It will include this track, which Paul and Kris describe as "a rare tribute to the profound beauty of 'old love,'" in contrast with the "millions of songs that celebrate 'new love."

Taylor Ashton: Beauty Sleep

Photo by Shervin Lainez
This Canadian transplant in Brooklyn just released Stranger To The Feeling, a collection of folk-style songs composed while traveling all over the continent. No Depression writes: "Hitting the open road carries with it an endless sense of possibility, something captured by the warm acoustic soundscape that Ashton cultivates as well as by his use of evocative lyricism." This is the most upbeat track on the LP, co-written by and featuring backing vocals by Courtney Hartman.

Margaret Glaspy: Get Back

We've been spinning the single "Act Natural," and with the release of the full LP Echo the Diamond, we now pick up track 2. "The process of writing ‘Get Back’ helped lift me out of a dark time in life," Glaspy says. "Now, when I play it live, it seems to re-enact some kind of deep compassion and joy that I’m so grateful for. It is the most fun I’ve ever had on stage.”

Soda Blonde: Midnight Show

Here's the second track to emerge from the Dublin band's Dream Big, due next month. Melodic Mag calls it "a stunningly cinematic power ballad weighing disillusionment with the music industry on one hand, and the unapologetic pursuit of one’s desires to the point of prostituting yourself for success on the other."

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