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Saturday, July 29, 2023

New from Yellowcard, Foo Fighters, Destroy Boys, Bethany Cosentino, The Vanrays

Yellowcard: Childhood Eyes

Here's the first new music in seven years from the band that reunited last year and is currently touring to mark the 20th anniversary of Ocean Avenue, their double-platinum fourth album. This is the title track of a five-song EP. The band says it's "a song about being defeated, let down, and deceived time and again, but still managing to find your creative soul and carry on."

Foo Fighters: But Here We Are

Here's the title song from the band's 11th album, which is suffused with grief over the death last year of drummer Taylor Hawkins. Some tracks, such as "Under You," speak directly about the loss of a close friend. Here, the lyric is a bit more oblique: "Hey, lay your burden down / Turn around, turn around / Fate written in the stars / Arm in arm, arm in arm we are forever."

Destroy Boys: Shadow (I'm Breaking Down)

Since forming in Sacramento, Calif., in 2015, this punkish band has released three albums - and this single will be on its upcoming fourth. Lead vocalist and guitarist Alexia Roditis says the song - which she sings partly in Spanish - "is about compassionately confronting the parts of yourself that you don’t like, or do like but might be toxic."

(Photo byAmbar Navarro)

Bethany Cosentino: Calling On Angels

On her new solo album, Natural Disaster, the Best Coast singer gets a bit more personal with her lyrics, reflecting (sometimes heavy-handedly) on life in an age of climate turmoil, while bringing a more polished and somewhat more country sound to her music. This upbeat track would blend well with some of Sheryl Crow's hits.

The Vanrays: Shake My Hand

This band is made up of veterans of the music scene in Vancouver, B.C. They bill their music as "East Van Garage Soul." Their latest album, Put It Out, was recorded largely in socially distanced sessions. Piano and organ player Gordon Rempel says the tracks were assembled "instrument by instrument, together and apart." Yet in the end, the record manages to capture a live-off-the-floor sound. 

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