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Saturday, May 28, 2022

The latest from Dawes, Stars, Sorcha Richardson, Momma, Band of Horses now in our New Music bin

Dawes: Comes in Waves

The LA band's eighth studio album, Misadventures of Doomscroller, is due in late July. This song opens with one of our favorite activities - watching waves break on a beach - and uses it as a metaphor for the ebb and flow of good times and bad, successes and failures. “The lyric is about the arbitrary demands I make on myself," says frontman Taylor Goldsmith. "I want to perceive me or my life a certain way but I make no exceptions for an off day or a misstep. Whether it’s a win or a loss, it’s all transient..."

Stars: Build a Fire

"Almost 25 years into their career with nine studio albums under their belt, Stars can pretty much do whatever they want," Exclaim! writes, adding that the new LP From Capelton Hill "reveals a band that know where they come from, aware of their legacy and willing to build on it to refine their craft. It's also their most relatable album in years, aiming for a more personal feel rather than cinematic grandeur." The passage of time is a major theme throughout the album. Although it's not explicit in the lyric, this upbeat track is "about death. And running from it. As fast as you f'ing can," says Torquill Campbell, co-lead-vocalist with Amy Millan. 

Sorcha Richardson: Archie

Photo by James Baldwin
This singer-songwriter from Dublin moved to Brooklyn at 18, and was part of the indie music scene there when we picked up several of her self-released singles in 2015-17, including "Petrol Station" and "Ruin Your Night." She moved to LA and then back to Dublin, put together a band and an album (2019's First Prize Bravery), and got in some touring before Covid shut that down. “It felt like it killed some of the momentum I had drummed up," Richardson says. "But it also meant that I had all the time in the world to make my second record.” This first single from the upcoming album "is a song about teenage hopes and dreams and about losing touch with the people who you once shared them with."

Momma: Speeding 72

Their upcoming album is called Household Name; the lead single was "Rockstar." Singer-guitarists Allegra Weingarten and Etta Friedman are on a self-proclaimed mission to reach that status by emulating their own musical idols - the likes of Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, the Breeders and Pavement. And they're making progress, with support from labels (Polyvinyl in North America, Lucky Number overseas) and glowing reviews from the likes of Stereogum and Consequence of Sound. The press release for this single says it "details a fast-burning romance between two kids who meet at a show and go for a ride." The duo says "We wanted it to be the sort of summertime anthem that you can turn on during a drive to impress your crush.”

Band of Horses: Warning Signs

In a Facebook post, the group says: "18 years, 6 records and this is by far our deepest, most difficult and most rewarding and affirming effort to date." Reviewers have split on whether Things Are Great is the band's best LP in over a decade - or ever. We previously featured "Crutch," and now pick up the opening track. Lead horse Ben Bridwell says the song grew from an experience on tour in Australia: "My voice went out and I actually cried at the Sydney Opera House onstage. I couldn’t sing and I just started weeping." That turned into a lyric about trying not to cry at work. "Everybody knows you’re not allowed to be emotional at your job, but I bet all of us have probably been through something like that."

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