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Saturday, March 19, 2022

New music from Arcade Fire, Mondo Cozmo, Jewel, Van Go Go and introducing Mister Green

Arcade Fire: The Lightning I, II

The first taste of the upcoming album We "is the sound of a great Arcade Fire song, one that makes the band come alive for the first time in years," exults Pitchfork. "What begins like an introductory hymn revs up into their most heart-racing tempo since 'Month of May' over a decade ago. The clammy synth-disco of the previous two albums is replaced by drum sticks hitting drum heads and [Regine] Chassagne’s bright piano, stretching the sound of the band back to its full width. Most blessedly, there is some actual and wonderful singing from [Win] Butler and Chassagne about never quitting on each other and waiting for light and the lightning—big broad things about which to feel things broadly."

Mondo Cozmo: Electrify My Love

The latest blast of fun from Josh Ostrander's project will lead off his new LP, This Is for the Barbarians. Broadway World writes: "The track centers on hope for the post-pandemic world, guided by a mesh of electronic burble and guitar grind." Ostrander says the track was "the last song to make the record but it was specifically written to be the first song on the album." The opening lyric -- "Good evening everyone / I hope this finds you well" -- is "a sincere check in on everyone after what we have all been through."

Jewel: Long Way 'Round

It surprises us to realize that we haven't previously added any of Jewel Kilcher's music. Her records have tended to be on the poppy end of the music spectrum, yet this new single from the upcoming album Freewheelin' Woman catches our attention. The press release for her first studio album in seven years calls it "Jewel’s boldest and most unbridled body of work to date" and boasts that this first single features "a soul-infused horn-driven track that is the perfect vehicle for her unmistakable vocals."

Van Go Go: Watch It Burn

This Michigan band consists of Nathan Mackinder (vocals/guitar), Jason Schaller (lead guitar/vocals) Paxton Olney (bass/vocals) and Jonah Brockman (drums/vocals). The latest single, says MacKinder, "may sound like it's about giving up, but it's more about moving on from a toxic situation. ... I initially wrote the song about the current political divide in the US but it can easily translate to a failing relationship, a dead-end job or struggle with addiction."

Mister Green: Annabelle

This band from Charlotte, North Carolina, is so new that the Soundcloud page we linked above is the only trace of it that we could find on the web. But its debut single came our way with a press release that tells us "Mister Green is collaboration between singer and songwriter Andrew Lindner and producer/co-writer Mark Renk (Helmet, Death By Stereo, P.O.D.) ... [who] found a common thread of influences that range from Rock & Roll, Blues to current Modern Rock trends." The track features some Tom Morello guitar.

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