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Saturday, October 9, 2021

The Latest from St. Paul & The Broken Bones, The Wild Feathers, Lala Lala, Sting, Modest Mouse

St. Paul & The Broken Bones: Last Dance

The eight-piece band from Birmingham, Ala., will release its fourth album, The Alien Coast, in January. Frontman Paul Janeway says this first single is about "the juxtaposition of dancing while facing certain doom ... Like dancing through a Mad Max scene."

The Wild Feathers: Alvarado

The Nashville-based quintet wrote this song several years ago and "rediscovered" it while going through unreleased material to put together the 2020 collection Medium Rarities. It ended up becoming the title track for the just-released new LP, which the band self-produced while hunkered down in a small cabin northwest of their home city.

Lala Lala: Diver

Chicago musician Lillie West has just released her third album, I Want the Door to Open. Under the Radar magazine writes that the LP is "introspective and existential, atmospheric and surreal" and a departure from 2018's more guitar-driven The Lamb. A key line in this track - "I can't look directly at it / Your face distorted in the window" - touches a recurring theme of difficulty in seeing oneself and others clearly.

Sting: Rushing Water

The veteran musician says this song "is a fitting start to an album that seeks to bridge all of the petty differences that can separate us.” Titled The Bridge, the LP is due next month. Stereogum writes that the track has a bit of an echo of classic Police, "with a hard-slapping backbeat and some slick palm-muted guitar action."

Modest Mouse: The Sun Hasn't Left

Here's another cut from The Golden Casket, released this summer by the Portland, Ore., band. Spin writes that the song "makes creative use of new-wave beats" and offers a hopeful message with lyrics like: “You’re not wrong, things are a mess but there’s still something left.”

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