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Sunday, May 9, 2021

Our latest picks: Modest Mouse, Grand Splendid, Dentist, Soda Blonde, Coldplay in New Music bin

Modest Mouse: We Are Between

The Portland, Ore.-based band plans a June release of The Golden Casket, their first album since 2015's Strangers to Ourselves. On the new collection, frontman Isaac Brock “explores themes ranging from the degradation of our psychic landscapes and invisible technology, to fatherhood,” according to a press release. This first single uses a simple refrain to suggest bigger ideas about life, the universe and everything: "We are between, yeah, we are / Somewhere between dust and the stars / Swung open, then slammed shut, yeah, but here we are."

Grand Splendid: Magic

Here's the second single from this Montreal indie-rock band's upcoming album, its first full-length release. Who are these guys?  Julian Buchbinder (lead vocals, guitar), Alex Pilla (bass, keyboards), Mathias Fugen (guitar, vocal harmonies) and Renaud Viero (drums). In November we featured the first single, "You Are the Universe," which eventually reached #1 on the Canadian Online Radio Chart and remains in the top 10 at this writing.

Dentist: Let Me Let Go

We featured the single “Don’t Let Me Catch You” when it came out in February, and this latest entry to our New Music bin is the next bit to emerge from their upcoming fourth album. Impose Magazine writes that the track "cruises on what Dentist does best; infectious hooks, driving bass and loud guitars." It's a song aboug getting away from a bad relationship, as vocalist Emily Bornemann told the mag: "I often find myself writing about heartbreak I can’t control, because it is something that just sticks with me."

Sold Blonde: In The Heat Of The Night

Singer Faye O'Rourke, guitarist Adam O’Regan, drummer Dylan Lynch and bassist Donagh Seaver-O’Leary are former members of Little Green Cars. When that Dublin band broke up in early 2019, they reformed as a quartet and have already released two EPs and a couple of singles. We recently featured "Small Talk," the title track of an upcoming album that will also include this new single. "It’s a song about conflict -- and getting a kick out of it," says O'Rourke. "The thrill of the fight."

Coldplay: Higher Power

The band teamed with Swedish pop producer Max Martin, who has worked on hits with the likes of Taylor Swift and Justin Timberlake, on this new single. Frontman Chris Martin told the BBC that it's one of several new tracks Coldplay recorded over the past year, while jumping through hoops to comply with pandemic restrictions. "We had to find countries where we were able to get in with permission, and then be in a recording bubble - and we did that three or four times," he said. He told the network that lockdowns forced him to look at his relationship with fame. "Last year was a quite an eye opener," he said. "I was like, 'Who am I without Wembley Stadium, saying you're awesome?'"

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