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Saturday, February 6, 2021

Forest Sun, Dentist, Foo Fighters, Days Indoors, The Weather Station - New Music Variety!

Forest Sun: A Million

This song strikes us as a reverse twist on John Prine's exhortation to "go to the country" and "eat a lot of peaches." Here, the dream is of easy life in the big city: "Gonna move into the city / That’s what I’m gonna do / Gonna make a million dollars / And give it all to you." The track also has a touch of Lumineers-ish modern urban Americana, complete with a woah-a-woah, foot-stomping chorus. "I wanted to capture that wide-starry-eyed optimism of actors, musicians, and entrepreneurs flocking to the proverbial city to chase their hopes and dreams," says Sun. It's the first of a series of monthly singles he plans to release this year, available first and free to his Patreon supporters.

Dentist: Don't Let Me Catch You

This Asbury Park trio has its fourth album of "fuzzed out, surf punk-tinged indie pop" in the works. After releasing Night Swimming in 2018 and spending much of 2019 on tour, the band says: "The beginning of 2020 was full of promise, but it took a hard turn that no one expected. Instead of making music that reflected on the depression that set in during lockdown, Dentist decided to work on an album that would inspire them and their listeners to hang in there and look forward to better times ahead." The troubles of the world don't intrude on this first upbeat single - although its subject is " a woman scorned when her love interest disappears suddenly."

Foo Fighters: Medicine at Midnight

Dave Grohl has described the new LP Medicine at Midnight as a party album and the band's "Let's Dance," referencing David Bowie's monster hit of 1983. The Bowie influence is strongest in the beginning of this title track, with Grohl almost crooning over backing that includes percussion by Omar Hakim - who played on Let's Dance. As the song builds, Grohl and the band gradually sound more Foo-like, before returning to the post-disco sound and a final refrain about "rain on the dance floor."

Days Indoors: Be Yourself

This is the latest single from a London-based indie rock band that will soon release Tales of Shade & Colour, its first EP since becoming a five-piece group (yes, they need to update their publicity photo!). Like "Silent Criers," the previous single we featured in December, it's an anthem of encouragement to make the most of life: "Live your days, you've just begun / To be the one, be everything / Just be yourself."

The Weather Station: Parking Lot

On the new album Ignorance, Tamara Lindeman meditates on what we don't know and can't know: the future, both for the world and for our personal lives. Her enchanting voice draws listeners to see their own hopes and worries in the songs, as in the mirrors on the suit she wears in the album-cover photo. The Toronto singer-songwriter says this track "is my strange gentle disco song about a humble encounter with a bird and being tired and being in love, and being heartbroken in ways I didn’t quite yet understand. ​I don’t fully know how everything connects in this song other than it obviously does."

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